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STEM environment furniture: drafting & collaborative tables

A.T. Equipment Sales helps schools all over NY with their STEAM/STEM classroom furniture. Many of these labs are set up to be configured numerous times throughout the day and we know how to plan for that. Many of our customers trust our guidance whether they need a complete STEAM environment or select pieces of furniture.

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Challenging students to rise to any occasion and be more critical with their thinking is important in today’s world. A strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has become quite popular amongst leading academics as well as other thought leaders in the educational community.

We are proud to be a part of such an exciting time in education and are happy to contribute to creating the perfect learning environment for students and teachers alike. Designing a STEM lab can be confusing, but we can help you decide what to order based on your school or district’s budget.

School lab furniture is a necessity in any school’s science lab. Our manufacturers’ design and build high-quality lab furniture from school lab tables with accompanying stools to ensuring that all of the safety measures have been considered.

Technology is everywhere. From the phones, we use to gadgets found in the home, so it’s only right that technology is present in the school classroom. From media stations to computer labs, we believe these are all extremely important in keeping education about technology in the forefront of learning. Your access to school innovation lab equipment and STEM/STEAM classroom furniture just got easier – we’ll help you decide on what you need, then deliver it right to your school.

Engineering fosters building a foundation for a better tomorrow. Once there is a solid foundation to work with, students can begin to design, build, and use engines, machines, and structures to make the world a better place.

Art, a recent entrant to the whole STEM movement, often referred to as STEAM and for good reason. Students express themselves through art. It is important for that art be considered in this movement toward shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

Mathematics has a critical use, not only for today’s classroom setting but for life- math is just about everywhere. In the math labs, it’s a nice option to adopt a collaborative learning environment where the room can be reconfigured quickly for 1 lesson, then changed for another. Many of the collaborative tables we’d use to set up embrace this type of learning.

30 deep trespa

30″ Deep Trespa

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