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Auditorium Stage Curtains And Theater Drapes

A.T. Equipment Sales sells high-quality stage and theater curtains to colleges, universities or elementary schools throughout the NY area. When purchasing stage curtains for a school auditorium there are many fabric options, we can help you choose the perfect style for your school’s auditorium. Many fire retardant options are preferred by school administrators which also come in a variety of colors and options. 

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Chevron Curtain Fabric


Royal 2000 

Velour Curtain Fabric


14oz Sapphire

Blackout Curtain Fabric


Duvetyne and Commando

Theater drapes and curtains that are perfect for your school.

Stage curtains are critical to any performance, they are specifically designed to mask specific areas of the stage from the audience. Generally, theater curtains are designed from the light-absorbing dark colored material, often found in heavyweight velour stage curtains.

Every theater should have a set of grand stage drapes for dramatic beginnings and endings of the performances. Some theater curtains are pleated and travel vertically, while others are flat and can be drawn horizontally or vertically.

There are many aspects to a stage curtain set up. Items like borders, legs, teasers and backdrops are typically found in many elementary school stage curtains. Whatever your need is we’ll help you find the right theater curtains. We also carry stage rigging equipment such as draw pulls, t-weights and other theatrical accessories needed for the show.

If your school or theater is in the Tri-state area, we can schedule a site visit and come talk with you about your need for theater items. We are located in Scarsdale, NY and can easily drive to any of the following counties: Putnam County, Orange County, Nassau County, Dutchess County, Westchester County, Rockland County, Suffolk County, Ulster County or Sullivan County. It all starts with a phone call to our New York office at (914) 472-7222.
Let us help you select the perfect stage drapes for your school today, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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