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Our blog is a great resource for anyone looking to get new ideas for school furniture and school equipment we sell. Many schools, colleges, and universities purchase products from us but set them up differently for their unique needs.  Browse our posts below and let us know if we can help you with a design session or your school has a specific need that you’d like to get a consultation for.

Prevent Harm to Student-Athletes by Installing School Gym Padding

It’s no secret that a school gym can be a dangerous place. Out of any other area in a high school, the gymnasium poses the most risk for injury, due in part to the high level of activity happening between its walls. Especially when playing contact sports like basketball, athletes often fall or slam into hard surfaces, which can cause serious harm. To help keep their athletes from getting hurt, many educators have decided to install cushioned padding in their school gyms, particularly pads for the gym walls.

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AT Equipment

The School Furniture Market in 2021

Warehouse with variety of timber

From material shortages to capacity limits to shipping delays – the school furniture manufacturing industry has seen the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic first-hand.

So, what does the future look like for the industry? We’ll take a look at some of the struggles manufacturers have faced as well as look at how this will impact schools looking to furnish their spaces moving forward.

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Interior Concepts

ASI Group: a One-Stop-Shop

Locker Options from ASI Group

ASI Group is one of the only suppliers that handles the design, engineering and manufacturing of all of their products in house.

Doing so allows them to create products that work together both functionally and aesthetically. Plus, sourcing products from one source means easy warranty and customer service options.

For those looking to fit a restroom, locker room, or any other space – ASI Group has options that last.

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AT Equipment

Stage Rigging Inspections from A.T. Equipment Sales

High School Stage Rigging Inspection

Stage rigging provides an added element of production value to any event. However, with this added functionality and showmanship comes potential risks of injury if not used properly or if not maintained.

Regular stage rigging inspections and preventative maintenance are crucial to ensuring the safety of students and staff. Prior to the fall semester, be sure to schedule one for your school.

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Gym Equipment Repairs, Inc.

Maintain School Safety with a Gymnasium Inspection

NY High School Gymnasium Inspection

Gyms and sporting equipment have gone most of 2021 unused.

As schools return to a more normal way of operating this fall, a gymnasium inspection is crucial to ensure safety of students and staff as they re-enter the building and begin to utilize the space in a greater capacity.

We partner with Gym Equipment Repair, Inc. to make school gymnasium inspections easy for schools across the state.

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Smith System

Take the Class Outside with Flowform™ Outdoor from Smith System

Outdoor Classroom furnished with products from the Flowform™ Outdoor line

As temperatures rise and more sunny days are upon us, teachers are pushing to create spaces for outdoor classrooms.

It’s important to furnish these spaces with pieces that are both durable and comfortable, so that students can focus on the lessons rather than worry about where and how to get comfortable.

Smith System’s new Flowform™ Outdoor line of furniture offers pieces to do just that – check out our favorites!

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Diversified Woodcrafts

Diversified Woodcrafts – Quality Products for Furnishing the Modern School

Classroom Furnished with Diversified Woodcrafts Products

With the rise of makerspaces and collaborative classrooms, the need for innovative furniture solutions is greater than ever.

Diversified Woodcrafts make fitting the modern classroom a breeze. They provide schools across the U.S. with innovative tables, casework, desks and other high-quality furniture.

With plenty of options for customization, their products can work in virutally all school environments!

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Interior Concepts

Media Technologies: For All K-12 Furniture Needs

Media Technologies offers furniture options for many areas of schools, including classrooms, makerspaces, and libraries. They consistently anticipate the changing needs of educators and work to customize their offerings to meet them.

With three unique collections, Media Technologies helps schools utilize the space they have to their best ability.

They are the go-to manufacturer for school architects and interior designers.

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FomCore Seating

Distant, Yet Collaborative Classroom Furniture For 2021

Collaborative Classroom with Flexible Seating

The way students young and old will learn in the classroom will be very different in the coming year. Because of this, classroom set-ups need to be adjusted.

Educators have a difficult task ahead of them. They must comply with socially-distant regulations and recommendations while still promoting collaboration and a sense of community among students.

Read up on ideas for a distant, yet collaborative classroom furniture set up for 2021.

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Interior Concepts

STEM Lab & Classroom Makerspace Carts

Makerspace fitted with carts from Interior Concepts

STEM curriculum is not a novel concept in the United States education system.  However, with a workforce landscape that is evolving each year, and an increased need for people with complex problem-solving skills, the importance of STEM disciplines continues to grow. 

In fact, the U.S Department of Education released a five-year plan in late 2018 that focuses on providing all schools with the resources and tools necessary to offer STEM programming at a high level.  It has become very clear that the skills and knowledge gained from this type of educational curriculum remain top priority and importance moving forward.

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