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Our blog is a great resource for anyone looking to get new ideas for school furniture and school equipment we sell. Many schools, colleges, and universities purchase products from us but set them up differently for their unique needs.  Browse our posts below and let us know if we can help you with a design session or your school has a specific need that you’d like to get a consultation for.

Benefits of Esports and Tips for Designing a Gaming Space


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There have been many studies that suggest that playing video games can develop various skills in students. Some of the skills that have been linked to gaming include:

Cognitive skills: Studies have shown that playing video games can improve attention, perception, and reaction time, as well as enhance decision-making, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills.

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Refresh Your Library With MiEN: 5 Design Tips for a Modern Media Center

School libraries are no longer just a place for finding and reading books. A modern media center holds a wide range of functions, from reading and research to collaborative learning to esports and makerspaces. Students utilize the space before and after school for individual and group work, access to technology, and more.

With all these purposes in mind, function, comfort, and student engagement are top considerations when designing a modern media center.

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Alumni Educational Solutions

Upgrade Your Classrooms with Alumni Educational Solutions’ Innovative Furniture

alumni educational solutions

Summer is right around the corner. For a lot of us, nothing will really change, but students around the world will rejoice when the final bell rings on the last day of the school year, freeing them for a few months of fun during their summer break.

While students are able to enjoy their time away, administrators remain hard at work preparing for the next school year. One way to welcome students back for the new term is to refresh classrooms with new furniture that makes the learning environment both functional and enjoyable.

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National Public Seating

Revamp Your School This Summer With National Public Seating

national public seating

School’s out for summer! Maybe for you it felt like the academic year would never end, and now that your students have vacated school premises for the next couple months, you and all the other teachers and school administrators out there want to unwind as well.

You definitely deserve the rest, but we know you’ll also use this time to think about what can be improved upon for the next school year. Could students’ grades be higher? Could their behavior improve? Could the environments they spend most of their days in be the cause of problems they experience in both areas?

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Refresh Your Classrooms With Mien: Multi-purpose Furniture, Soft Seating, and More

There are lots of reasons to redesign your school’s classrooms. Maybe you’ve noticed a lack of engagement from students during lessons. Maybe your teachers are feeling frustrated, and helpless, when it comes to trying to regain their attention.

Our environments play a big part in our attitudes, and in classrooms that are vibrant and full of energy, students can flourish. School spaces that are filled with furniture that is not only comfortable but also invites discussions and collaborations will pull your students and teachers out of a slump caused by an uninspiring atmosphere.

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Smith System

Smith System releases new line of furniture for outdoor learning

outdoor seating

If you’re a teacher, more than likely you’ve been asked this question at least once (a week) by a student: “Can we have class outside?”

The usual answer is no because the outdoors can distract students from their lessons. However, in this post-COVID-19 age, holding the occasional lesson out of the traditional classroom can help prevent the spread of illness from student to student.

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FomCore Seating

Fōmcore inspires with all-foam collaborative classroom seating

fomcore all-foam collaborative classroom seating

It’s 2022, but for a lot of us it’s still 2020. Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to rage with few signs of letting up.

But it’s finally starting to look like the pandemic is coming to an end, and we might be able to return to some semblance of normal life. For many, that means returning to offices and classrooms full-time, and after years spent working and learning from home, the idea of spending eight hours a day in an uncomfortable environment is far from appealing.

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Prevent Harm to Student-Athletes by Installing School Gym Padding

It’s no secret that a school gym can be a dangerous place. Out of any other area in a high school, the gymnasium poses the most risk for injury, due in part to the high level of activity happening between its walls. Especially when playing contact sports like basketball, athletes often fall or slam into hard surfaces, which can cause serious harm. To help keep their athletes from getting hurt, many educators have decided to install cushioned padding in their school gyms, particularly pads for the gym walls.

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AT Equipment

The School Furniture Market in 2021

Warehouse with variety of timber

From material shortages to capacity limits to shipping delays – the school furniture manufacturing industry has seen the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic first-hand.

So, what does the future look like for the industry? We’ll take a look at some of the struggles manufacturers have faced as well as look at how this will impact schools looking to furnish their spaces moving forward.

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Interior Concepts

ASI Group: a One-Stop-Shop

Locker Options from ASI Group

ASI Group is one of the only suppliers that handles the design, engineering and manufacturing of all of their products in house.

Doing so allows them to create products that work together both functionally and aesthetically. Plus, sourcing products from one source means easy warranty and customer service options.

For those looking to fit a restroom, locker room, or any other space – ASI Group has options that last.

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