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Our blog is a great resource for anyone looking to get new ideas for school furniture and school equipment we sell. Many schools, colleges, and universities purchase products from us but set them up differently for their unique needs.  Browse our posts below and let us know if we can help you with a design session or your school has a specific need that you’d like to get a consultation for.

AT Equipment

Stage Curtains For Schools: A 2020-2021 Buying Guide

School Auditorium with Red Stage Curtains

School auditoriums come in a range of shapes and sizes, so measuring for curtains can be difficult. In addition, there are a multitude of curtain styles, finishes and fabric choices. Lastly, budgets for the arts in education are constantly shrinking, adding an extra level of difficulty when making selections.

Furnishing your auditorium with new curtains can add so much to the aesthetics and overall atmosphere, so we have tried to make all these choices easier. We will walk you through how to pick the best curtain for your school stage, going over the types of curtains, fabric selection and how to determine size requirements.

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Sneeze Guard by SAFCO: A Safer Alternative for In-Person Interactions

Safeco Sneeze Guard

Changing times bring the need of changing strategies. Because of COVID-19, companies have had to pivot to keep up with rapidly changing healthcare guidelines.

As a result, there has been an influx of new technologies.

One of these innovations is the portable, freestanding sneeze guard by SAFCO. The sneeze guard provides a safer alternative for necessary in-person interactions by limiting contact and the chance of passing the virus through respiratory droplets.

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AT Equipment

The Effects of COVID-19 on Educational Institutions

Since February 2020, we have seen the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States.

Our favorite retailers, restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and even schools have closed down in the name of “social distancing” in order to keep us safe from the rapid spread of COVID-19. Of all the organizations affected, the institutions that have had to change the fastest are school systems!

From distance teaching to e-learning, and even virtual commencement, these are the effects of COVID-19 on educational institutions

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SAFFE Furniture

SAFFE Furniture for Collaborative Spaces in Schools

The collaborative learning approach encourages students to work together when solving problems. Gone are the days of traditional individual desk setups in classrooms.

Steps are being taken to continuously develop new products that create an atmosphere of collaboration among students.

With help from companies like SAFFE Furniture, collaborative learning spaces in schools are now becoming more common– benefiting both teachers and students.

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Smith System

What’s New from Smith System

Planner Makerspace Giant Table

Smith System is leading the way in the area of innovative and functional school furniture.

Combining technology with comfort and multi-functionality, they are actively working on building the classrooms of the future.

Here you can find just a few of the many new products they have introduced in order to lead the way in the area of classroom furniture.

A.T. Equipment is proud to partner with Smith System to bring the best quality products to you.

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Interior Concepts

Multifunctional Furniture For Classrooms, Labs & Libraries

Traditional school furniture is a thing of the past. Multifunctional furniture for classrooms are often requested by principals, superintendents and business officials.

We’ve rounded up a few pieces from Interior Concepts that are worth looking at.

With modern design and consideration for technology, Interior Concepts has created several school furniture solutions that bring the needs of the students and teachers together, and promote greater collaboration among everyone.

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