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Our blog is a great resource for anyone looking to get new ideas for school furniture and school equipment we sell. Many schools, colleges, and universities purchase products from us but set them up differently for their unique needs.  Browse our posts below and let us know if we can help you with a design session or your school has a specific need that you’d like to get a consultation for.

Smith System

Choosing the Best Classroom Furniture Quick Ship Program in 2018

Have you realized that you may not have enough school furniture for your classrooms? Did you receive some unexpected last-minute enrollments? If so, don’t panic.

Today, QuickShip programs allow you to order last-minute items so that everyone has a seat in your classrooms. Better yet, companies like SmithSystem have a variety of QuickShip classroom furniture options for you to choose from so that your students are as comfortable as possible during their lessons.

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Durable Hallway School Lockers With Built-In Locks

In today’s school environment, students need a safe place to store their belongings. High school hallway lockers not only act as a secure storage area, but they also offer students independence and help relieve them of carrying a backpack full of books and equipment to each class. When considering school lockers for sale and what style best fits your facility’s needs, remember these five benefits offered by quality school lockers.

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Innovative Classroom & Science Lab Tables

Do you remember when the science tables in lab class were immobile, heavy pieces of equipment sounded by rusty metal stools that creaked with every movement? It’s no wonder science class was the dread of anyone born before 1985. Today’s classroom tables, especially those designed for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning, are not only ultra-comfortable for students, but modern classroom tables are also multi-functional and versatile to allow for interactive learning.

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Smith System

Flavors Chair, Silhouette Curve Desk: How Classroom Furniture Elevates Learning

multifunctional classroom furniture

It’s harder than ever to hold a student’s attention. Even with advanced technology taking the place of traditional textbooks, the classroom has to merge an element of social engagement – dare we say, entertainment – with required instruction to have an effective impression on today’s pupils. A classroom element that many educational leaders are now turning to for support in student growth is multifunctional school furniture. No, really.

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AT Equipment Repairs

Gym Equipment Repair

A.T. Equipment Sales is your source for all gym equipment repairs. More than likely, there are one or more pieces of equipment in your gym that are faulty and could pose a serious threat if they go unaddressed. We believe it’s better to understand the physical shape of your airwall/partitions, bleachers, basketball backstops, wall padding, stage rigging components, roll up doors/gates and gym divider curtains than to hope they’ll work for years without being maintained.

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