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Revamp Your School This Summer With National Public Seating

by | Jun 15, 2022

School’s out for summer! Maybe for you it felt like the academic year would never end, and now that your students have vacated school premises for the next couple months, you and all the other teachers and school administrators out there want to unwind as well. 

You definitely deserve the rest, but we know you’ll also use this time to think about what can be improved upon for the next school year. Could students’ grades be higher? Could their behavior improve? Could the environments they spend most of their days in be the cause of problems they experience in both areas?

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have something that might help: fun, innovative school furniture. One of our partners is especially dedicated to creating spaces where students can enjoy learning in comfort and style. 

National Public Seating

For a quarter century, National Public Seating has supplied industries with no-fail, everyday-use equipment. Launched in 1997, NPS started with just seating options, but the company has branched out to create a range of products from ultra-breathable flex chairs to easy-expand tables on wheels. 

While NPS manufactures innovative, solution-focused products for various industries, the company has a passion for education. NPS understands that when students, who sit most of the day, aren’t comfortable, they won’t be happy to learn. NPS makes strong, “feel-good” furniture for art rooms, science labs, and more that is designed to sustain the learning and development of our future leaders. 

NPS knows that time is of the essence when you need new furniture for your school or business, so products ship quickly. Check out a few of their most popular products below. 

NPS Titan Table With Butcherblock Top Worksurface 

You don’t get the titan label for nothing—this table by NPS has proved its might. Its sturdy frame includes 14-gauge steel legs set at a 94-degree angle for optimum support, an undertable hat structure for ultimate durability, and a 6-mm thick super-duty footplate for extreme strength. 

The Titan Table comes with a butcherblock top for schools with cooking and food prep programs, but it has multiple options that allow it to work in different settings. For instance, a surface with a chemical-resistant finish makes it the perfect table for school laboratories or other chemical environments. A whiteboard top option also makes it a great robotics team table—it offers plenty of room for brainstorming and planning out ideas and designs. 

Each table leg ends with a lock caster, so you can move the tables where you want without sacrificing stability. With the variety of size and height options, this table is a perfect fit for any setting requiring industrial-grade table worksurfaces. 

See more of the Titan Table here

NPS Elephant Z-Stool With Black Seat and Chrome Frame

There’s a reason National Public Seating calls this stool “strong as an elephant and quiet as a mouse.” The chrome-plated tubular steel frame offers a sturdy place to sit, while the glides beneath the stool allow it to move softly and smoothly over any surface. 

The ergonomic stool offers comfort in style. The blow-molded seats contour to fit each user, offering better support to improve your posture. The stool’s U-shaped, sled-base legs also distribute weight across a wider surface, minimizing pressure on floors. 

The Z-Stools make cleaning up easy—they are conveniently stackable or easily hung on tabletop surfaces. The seat is also perfect for hands-on settings, and whether you use it as a science lab stool or as an art studio stool, you’ll find the design makes working on projects easier and more efficient. 

Check out the Z-Stools here

NPS Designer Table

The sleek and modern Designer Table is just the thing for student scientists, artists, and more. The thick, heavy duty reinforcement board beneath the tabletop allows it to withstand the demands of various educational environments. 

The table’s core is made of solid hard maple edge grain—i.e., it is very strong—but the surface can vary. The different tabletop options—chemical-resistant laminate top, butcherblock top, whiteboard top—help it meet each classroom’s unique needs. 

The features of the table make it work best for each student, so they are able to focus on their work. For instance, the table’s legs come with an adjustable height element, so whether a student prefers sitting or standing they can finish their assignments in their perfect working position. 

The glides beneath the legs can also adjust to floor leveling, keeping students from becoming distracted by a wiggling table. Additionally, the table can come with optional casters so you can move each table quickly around the classroom, lab, or studio.

Learn more about the Designer Table here

Let A.T. Equipment Sales Help Furnish Your School

At A.T. Equipment Sales, we take the guesswork out of purchasing furniture. Our manufacturers, like NPS, make products that fit your unique needs at an affordable price, so we can help you design your next project—and stay within your budget. 

A.T. Equipment Sales has assisted schools with purchasing furniture and equipment since 2008, and we want to help you find the right pieces that will bring your classrooms, art studios, science labs, and more to life. 

Get in touch with us today to ask any questions you have so we can get started and have your school’s rooms ready by the time students return for the fall semester! 

We’re here to help. Contact us here.