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Refresh Your Classrooms With Mien: Multi-purpose Furniture, Soft Seating, and More

by | Jun 2, 2022

There are lots of reasons to redesign your school’s classrooms. Maybe you’ve noticed a lack of engagement from students during lessons. Maybe your teachers are feeling frustrated, and helpless, when it comes to trying to regain their attention. 

Our environments play a big part in our attitudes, and in classrooms that are vibrant and full of energy, students can flourish. School spaces that are filled with furniture that is not only comfortable but also invites discussions and collaborations will pull your students and teachers out of a slump caused by an uninspiring atmosphere. 

To create such an environment, you need to look into a company that knows its stuff. You need a company that has its finger on the pulse of what students and educators want in their learning spaces and puts the “fun” in functional. 

You need a company like Mien. 

Mien Company

Mien knows just how to serve the global education industry. An American company with European flair, Mien was founded by education market experts who stay on top of the latest educational trends shaping the world, and with Mien’s global reach the company is able to learn from the best in the world what furniture designs are working well in today’s schools. 

A global team of suppliers, designers, and engineers work together to bring to life Mien’s innovative products and services that support active and interactive learning environments in fun and functional ways. The furniture pieces, which rank high in the industry, are built strong and durable with eco-friendly, sustainable materials. 

From multi-purpose work surfaces to soft seating, Mien has what you need for a collaborative learning environment that assists this new generation of students and faculty in finding success. Read about a few of Mien’s popular products below—they might just be a great fit for your school. 

BRB+ Flip-Top Training Tables

Need to furnish a training or meeting room in your school? Mien’s nesting tables are just the thing. Their staggered leg design allows them to fit together easily to create a layout perfect for presentation or demonstration viewing. 

The training room tables come in various shapes and sizes, with the legs connected by a steel support beam that provides strength and durability, so each table can hold more weight. The mobile frame also folds up at the push of a button, so when it’s time to put the tables away in storage, they take up less space. 

See the different shapes of the BRB+ Flip-Top Training Tables—and how they fit together to create the perfect flexible workspace—here

CRE8 Makerspace

This is a workspace that works for you. The multi-purpose tables are playful and flexible while also providing mobile storage units for classrooms. Students can stash their books and backpacks within each adjustable compartment, keeping the floor clear of objects that can trip others. 

Wheels on the tables allow them to move freely around the floorspace, making cleaning the classroom a breeze. The mobility of the tables also allows for different furniture arrangements, so you can refresh the room’s layout whenever the old way feels stagnant or dull. 

The tables come in numerous sizes and shapes, including the amoeba work surface shape, which creates a whimsical and fun aesthetic. Four students can comfortably sit around each piece, making it perfect for group work. You can also choose between having doors or not having doors on the storage cabinets. 

Check out a gallery of images showing the CRE8 Makerspace in different classrooms here

Flex Floor Modular Seating 

Comfort is key in a learning environment, and that’s something Mien understands. Flexible and configurable, the company’s simple modular foam furniture rests directly on the floor to create an ultra casual classroom, so students can relax while hitting the books. 

The lightweight collaborative foam seating comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to outfit any classroom, large or small. The soft seating is also available in multiple fabric and color options—get creative with each piece to give your classrooms unique personalities.

The curved and straight benches pair seamlessly with Mien’s KIO series of tables, and the configuration options are endless. Each furniture piece also features a “grippy” non-slip material on the bottom, so the units don’t slide off of each other when you stack them in classroom storage.  

Learn more about the Flex Floor Modular Seating here

Contact A.T. Equipment Sales 

Your ideas for your school’s spaces can come to life when you work with A.T. Equipment Sales. If Mien’s products, or pieces from our other manufacturing partners, catch your eye, we can help place your order and make sure it’s installed correctly in your classrooms. 

If you’re not sure what will work for your school yet, no problem! We can send a team out to schools in several counties around our home base in Scarsdale, New York, and give you ideas on how to furnish each space. This visit is complimentary, so if you’re still in the brainstorming phase of a school redesign, we highly recommend having us out!

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