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Smith System releases new line of furniture for outdoor learning

by | Mar 25, 2022

If you’re a teacher, more than likely you’ve been asked this question at least once (a week) by a student: “Can we have class outside?”

The usual answer is no because the outdoors can distract students from their lessons. However, in this post-COVID-19 age, holding the occasional lesson out of the traditional classroom can help prevent the spread of illness from student to student.

It’s a time-tested method—in the 1900s, during an era when diseases like tuberculosis raged, schools opened fresh-air classrooms to stop the spread. As a result, very few students became ill—a miracle in those days, when vaccinations had not yet been developed to check the deadly viruses.

Collaborative Furniture for Outdoor Classrooms

The evolution of education is something Smith System, one of our manufacturing partners, stays on top of as a company. With over a century of experience working with schools, the top school furniture distributor in New York is constantly developing new pieces that enhance learning spaces for students and teachers. Smith System never compromises on quality, either—each furniture piece is designed with comfort, style, and the ability to improve learning in mind.

Flowform Outdoor is a new collection released by Smith System. It’s a line of upholstered school furniture designed specifically for outdoor learning, because research shows that outdoor learning is not only something students enjoy more, it’s also better for their physical health, mental well being, and school performance.

The durable pieces are both functional and comfortable, and the soft seating, made with Sunbrella Elements fabric, is resistant to weather, stains, and fade and is easy to clean. Flowform’s furniture is designed for use on most outdoor surfaces, be they in urban or rural areas. Their pieces can be used for all kinds of learning settings, from individual study to large group gatherings.

From ottomans to benches, the options are endless for creating a learning environment that provides necessary structure while still allowing students to relax—and get their creative juices flowing. We’ve selected a few pieces to highlight—check them out below.

Flowform Outdoor Ottoman

The Flowform Outdoor Ottoman works as either a soft seating option or a table-top for completing assignments. Its circular design makes it easy to gather around for group discussions, but it’s small enough to allow students to work individually.

Flowform Outdoor Bean Bench

The curved structure of Flowform’s bean benches allow students to encircle a learning space. Rather than rows of desks, the teacher can lecture to students as they sit side by side, making it easier for them to pay attention to the lesson, ask questions, and contribute with their own thoughts.

Flowform Outdoor Curved Bench Divider

The Flowform bench divider is a necessity in a shared outdoor learning space. The divider provides structure in the space, acting as a barrier to separate other classes that might be using the area for learning. The established separation allows students to focus on their own activities and not on what students in another class a few feet away are working on.

Flowform Outdoor Tapered Stool

Like the ottoman, the Flowform stool has a dual use. It provides another option for soft seating, or it can be used as a workspace. However, the stool is more compact, making it a better option for individual work. If used as a seat, more stools can fit around a workspace, ensuring more students are able to participate in a group activity.

Order Outdoor School Furniture

With all of the pieces in the Flowform collection, you’ll find all that you need to build the perfect outdoor learning space for your students. Available in bold colors or neutral gray, the outdoor furniture is sure to make learning a joyful—and healthy—experience year after year.

We at A.T. Equipment Sales pride ourselves on partnering with manufacturers who provide all the furniture pieces schools need at a fair price, and Smith System is one company that believes quality products should not come with a steep cost.

While we are based in Scarsdale, we can visit schools in several counties throughout the state of New York. Give us a call today to receive a free consultation so we can help you build a learning environment that is full of possibilities! Contact us here.

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