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Fōmcore inspires with all-foam collaborative classroom seating

by | Feb 18, 2022

It’s 2022, but for a lot of us it’s still 2020. Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to rage with few signs of letting up.

But it’s finally starting to look like the pandemic is coming to an end, and we might be able to return to some semblance of normal life. For many, that means returning to offices and classrooms full-time, and after years spent working and learning from home, the idea of spending eight hours a day in an uncomfortable environment is far from appealing.

Studies show that being comfortable in a classroom helps students feel at home, and in effect helps them learn. Comfort is something Fōmcore, one of our manufacturing partners, works to produce with its products.

Fōmcore specializes in creating soft seating that aims to inspire a collaborative learning space and working environment in offices and classrooms. Their furniture is constructed of unique single cut foam, and reinforced seams and stitching ensure it holds up under high use. Each piece also comes with coverings of vinyl or fabric in many different colors and is fashioned in fun and creative shapes to make the space you create one worth leaving the house for.

Fōmcore has many different options for unique soft seating, but we want to highlight some of their most popular products to inspire a classroom refresh in your school.

Fōmcore Bump Bench

What’s more boring than a straight line? You can keep things interesting in your students’ workspace with the Bump Bench. Its curved structure breathes life into any room, and its versatility allows it to become either a seat for several people or a table-like work station surrounded by floor seats.

The BUMP bench comes with standard and premium leg options, including glides, slides, and casters for easy movement across the floor in transitional spaces. It’s constructed completely of foam with different upholstery options, and it can come customized with “power up” features like an outlet and USB ports.

Fōmcore Media Chair

Developing a reading habit can have many positive effects, and creating a cozy environment in classrooms and media centers can help inspire a love for the hobby in a younger generation. The Fōmcore Media Chair does just that—the L-shaped piece provides reclined seating with a smooth rocking motion that is comfortable without sacrificing spinal support.

The chair is fully zippered with no wood base or pinch points. It also comes with customizable options, like colored stitching and zippers and decorative embroidery so you can put a unique twist on the design.

Fōmcore Rock’n Roller XL

The Fōmcore Rock’n Roller XL is another rocking chair perfect for either individual learning or collaboration sessions. The curved base allows for easy and safe movement without causing a distraction during group discussions.

Like the Media Chair, the L-shaped design lets the rocking foam chair’s occupant enjoy a slight recline while learning, and the all foam construction, with no wood base or pinch points, lets the occupant relax completely.

Fōmcore Amoeba

The Fōmcore Amoeba is perhaps the company’s most unique piece of furniture. The organic, fun, and creative shape helps inspire innovative learning in both media centers and the classroom. Used primarily as a table, you can surround the piece with ottomans or benches to transform any room into a favorite gathering spot that students love for sharing ideas.

The Amoeba comes with standard and premium leg options and is a fully upholstered, all foam construction. The Amoeba makes learning even more fun with its different upholstery options, including the option to have a laminate top to make writing assignments easier to complete. The furniture can also come with an outlet and USB port so students can use devices that enhance their learning.

Collaborative Classroom Seating—Just A Call Away

We know purchasing furniture for your school can be tricky—there are so many different options, and it’s hard to know what’s best for your students and faculty. That’s why A.T. Equipment Sales takes the guesswork out; Fōmcore and all of our manufacturing partners produce high quality products whether you’re looking for traditional or collaborative furniture for your classrooms—and at a fair price as well.

We are based in Scarsdale, New York, but we can visit schools in several surrounding counties to offer a complimentary consultation. Call us today and let us help you explore the possibilities as you work to build a classroom that encourages fun, creative, and active learning.

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