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Upgrade Your Classrooms with Alumni Educational Solutions’ Innovative Furniture

by | Jun 27, 2022

Summer is right around the corner. For a lot of us, nothing will really change, but students around the world will rejoice when the final bell rings on the last day of the school year, freeing them for a few months of fun during their summer break. 

While students are able to enjoy their time away, administrators remain hard at work preparing for the next school year. One way to welcome students back for the new term is to refresh classrooms with new furniture that makes the learning environment both functional and enjoyable. 

Alumni Educational Solutions, our new manufacturing partner, puts the “fun” in functional with its catalog of products that create innovative and adaptable classrooms. Alumni understands that education is rapidly developing, and it has incorporated the newest learning trends into its designs to ensure no student is left behind by outdated teaching practices. 

Alumni’s vision is to see education equality for all students in the most up-to-date classroom. We’ve highlighted a few of their products—check them out below:

Boomerang Desk 

The Alumni Boomerang Desk is a fit for all kinds of teaching styles. Designed to fit easily together for group learning—the ideal number of desks in the group is four—they can also break apart to accommodate individual study or keep test days honest. 

The boomerang desk also accounts for right- and left-handed learners. While the middle of the desk can “point” forward, students can also easily turn the desk so most of the work space is on the side of their dominant hand so they can complete their assignments more comfortably. 

With their unique shape, the Boomerang desks make the best use out of limited space, and full-frame construction gives each desk better support, limiting distracting shifting and wiggling. Depending on your teaching goals, these desks could be a great fit for your classroom.

Smooth 4-Leg Chair

The Alumni Smooth 4-Leg Stacking Chair is a popular option for schools, as it is suitable for any learning environment. The chairs are a fit for most of the desks in the Alumni catalog, and nylon swivel glides protect the classroom floor from scratches when students need to pull their seats together for group learning. 

The chair also comes with customizable options. Eliminate the need to rustle through backpacks by adding a book rack to the chairs, keeping textbooks and notebooks within easy reach during class. The chairs also come with padded seat options, so students don’t have to sit uncomfortably for hours at a time during the school day. 

Classroom clean up is a breeze with the stacking chairs. Stack them five chairs high, each one locking in place to keep the tower stable. Then, easily store each stack for the weekend—or even months during school breaks. 

Flow Desk

The Alumni Flow Desk is another versatile option for traditional or progressive classrooms. While the desks can be arranged individually in rows, they can also easily assemble for collaborative education. 

Best in groups of five, the desks’ asymmetric shapes fit flush together to minimize wasted middle space. With the addition of optional casters to the desk legs, the desks can move into multiple configurations, so students stay engaged in an ever-changing learning environment. 

Developed as an implementation tool for common core learning concepts, the flow desk is one to keep on your radar when deciding to furnish schools. 

Balance Stool

Stools are a good seating option to promote better posture, and the Alumni Balance Stool is no exception. By taking away the temptation to slouch, the balance stool improves focus and encourages students to engage during lessons. 

The stools come in two different sizes and are adjustable, so they can pair with many different desks in the Alumni catalog. The wide diameter of the padded seat also ensures comfort, so students aren’t constantly shifting around. 

If you want a classroom that steps out of the status quo, these stools might be your best bet at building a refreshing learning environment. 

Order Alumni Classroom Furniture

Alumni Educational Solutions’ catalog is full of products perfect for any classroom type. From desks and tables to chairs and soft seating, you’ll find what you’re looking for from our newest partner. 

Let A.T. Equipment Sales help you refresh your school’s classrooms. We’ll visit your school for a complimentary consultation and let you know what pieces will best fit your vision for your students and teachers. Give us a call today to begin improving the classroom experience! 

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