Case Study

Library and Multimedia Area Renovation Project

We recently completed a project for a high school in Westchester where we used over 12 manufacturers on the project and now we’re ready to show it all off! 

Multifunctional Learning Space Project

How students and teachers work is continuously changing. School administrators focused on providing flexible environments that make the most use of the space they have available to them.

Getting out of the classroom and venturing to different areas within schools provides an environmental variety that everyone can appreciate. From independent group study to breakout rooms, fit with tables, chairs, and Smart TV’s—all with one common goal: to maximize an environment that fosters collaboration and education. 

Sourcing high-quality items for this project, we used the following furniture types to bring it all together: 

  • Breakout Area Furniture
  • Collaborative Seating 
  • Whiteboard Erase Tables
  • Soft seating 
  • Small-Group Instruction Furniture
  • Study Room Tables and Chairs

Project Showcase

Library Refurbishment Project

Libraries have come a long way since long rows of bookshelves and simple wooden table and chair sets. 

Today’s libraries and have much more to offer students and teachers. They combine traditional library furniture but modernized — comfortable chairs, moveable tables, lower bookcases and different areas as it becomes a place to read a book quietly.

For the library portion of this project, the following furniture types were chosen:

  • Single study pods 
  • Collaborative Seating 
  • Bean bag seating
  • Small-Group Instruction Furniture
  • Breakout Area Furniture
  • Lounge and Other Soft Seating

Library Project Showcase

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