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Fixed and Removable Wall Pads

A.T. Equipment Sales helps schools, colleges and universities all over New York State buy wall pads for their gymasiums. From fixed and removable to specific thickness and custom wall pad branding, we’ve done it all. We use a leading manufacturer for flame-retardant, protective padding. We sell fixed safety padding for walls and also offer removable stage pads for multi-purpose areas.

Protective gym wall padding that is perfect for your school.

Your school gym is where students, teachers, and administrators will root for the home team. For many colleges, schools and universities, they appreciate having their gymnasium outfitted with custom wall pads, that sport their school colors and team mascot. We can layout the indoor wall pads to cover every wall or just certain walls.

School gyms are used for a variety of activities. Many school gyms have stages which still need to be protected. For those instances, we have removable wall pads that are held on by heavy duty velcro. Once the padding is removed, it can be stored away until it’s needed again. Other school gyms are exclusively for sports from volleyball to basketball and everything in between. Padding for gym walls isn’t a new concept in athletic equipment nor is the same old protective padding being created.

Our manufacturers are leaders in sports padding so their offerings go beyond just wall pads for indoor gyms. We can offer column and corner pads, pilaster posts to protect the bases of basketball equipment and similar structures.

We are happy to offer complimentary quotes and can come to your school for an on-site consultation.  We can visit any of the following counties in New York State: Putnam County, Dutchess County, Nassau County, Orange County, Rockland County, Sullivan County, Suffolk County, Ulster County and Westchester County. Call us at (914) 472-7222 or email us today and let’s talk about your next wall pad project, we look forward to hearing from you! 

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