School Library Furniture and Learning Spaces


The right school library design starts with identifying areas for collaborative, social and quiet learning spaces, and then defining those areas with space-specific school library furniture. Design your school library with the five spaces below in mind, and use these tips to augment your design with library furniture that makes learning comfortable and productive for students.

  • Collaborative learning spaces: Create a space that encourages students to meet, brainstorm and collaborate with school library furniture such as Smith System’s thoughtful line of sturdy desks which are easy to group, move and regroup as is needed by the students.
  • Social learning spaces: Comfortable and inviting library furniture, like cushioned chairs arranged around a small table, creates seating groups that encourage interactive learning between students. You can further define this space by adding low shelves or taller bookcases to build alcoves for each group.
  • Study areas: The quieter part of the library, ensconced by library bookcases and shelving, is the study area. For this section, you’ll want to find furniture that offers privacy and focus, like Smith System’s Desk Fence seating solution.
  • Media stations: Computer and audio/visual presentation spaces are essential to your library, and the right school library furniture creates a space where students can share and present their multimedia projects.
  • Librarian space: Today’s librarian is part librarian, technical advisor and educator, so outfit your school library with furniture that’s functional for this multi-faceted position. Desks, shelves and bookcases that can be grouped into bays to provide both a teaching space and a technology center are ideal for your school librarian. A notable example is Smith System’s UXL Desk line.

Smith System delivers beautifully-designed school library furniture, shelves and bookcases that help you define learning spaces within your library. Contact A.T. Equipment today to hear more about their innovative school library furniture solutions.