Our Services

What we do and
how we do it makes
all the difference.

We do way more than just sell
school furniture and equipment.
We partner in shaping success.

Our Services


Budgets are put in place to not be crossed; and so, we have to work with what we’re given. We’ve worked with some of the tightest budgets where we offer value engineering as a means to still harness solutions for your goals. We’re pretty confident in our ability to estimate accurately.  We offer free estimates and are proud to say that we’ve earned much of your business, because we’re not afraid to put our best estimate first.


Not all spaces are built the same. It’s about maximizing the space available to yield the best possible outcome desired. You’ll benefit from our initial discovery meeting, where we’ll understand your goals, timeline and budget. With those in mind, we will begin to work up some options that not only fit the space, but your budget and timeframe for delivery.

Project Management

The success of every project lies on its ability to be managed and managed propery and efficiently. When you work with A.T. Equipment Sales, you’ll be assigned a project manager, your single-point of contact. We don’t do hand-offs, or different departments, nope, you’ll work with 1 person, from start-to-finish.


Your project will not only be managed efficiently, but installed with great care and attention to detail. Our installation team has tons of successful projects under their belts and understand that your reputation is paramount, so it’s always safety first.

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