Stadium Seating Brings Communities Together


When attendees arrive at sporting events, they rarely consider the role the venue plays in the gathering. And within each venue is the most important structure of them all: seating. It comes in all sizes and layouts, but in the end it is the key to attendee comfort and safety. That’s why it’s so important to install high quality bleachers and grandstands that meet all official requirements.

A Budget-Friendly Seat with a View

Angle frame bleachers have provided an economical solution for communities all over the country. From school sports fields to community parks, the angle frame has proven its dependability. This type of seating is made from long lasting aluminum and can be manufactured in custom colors. It’s an easy and practical way to show team pride without breaking the bank. An alternative hybrid leg truss support structure is also available for organizations that need more seating and under-bleacher storage without the expense of full grandstands.

Safely Seat Hundreds of Enthusiastic Fans

If you want to accommodate 300+ cheering fans then you need permanent grandstands. This type of outdoor seating is the most customizable, with options for extras like buildings and locker rooms so you get more use out of the structure. Fans can scream, stomp and have a great time while your grandstands give them a great perspective above the action on the field.

Everyone will feel secure with the Southern Bleacher Company’s Interlock 2000+ decking under their feet. This fully enclosed system feels as solid as concrete with excellent moisture control. Interlock 2000+ can handle temperature changes and still deliver 64% more strength than welded decking.

Add Prestige with Press Boxes

Installing press boxes is an effective way to transform a simple field or venue into an exciting hub for sports and entertainment. It’s also a huge benefit to your organization because it gives VIPs a place to comfortably observe the action with fewer distractions thanks to features like acoustic ceiling tiles and fluorescent lighting. Imagine the articles that will appear in the paper or commentary on the news discussing your venue after treating members of the media to a seat in the press box!

Teams Need a Place to Sit, Too

The teams need somewhere to rest when they aren’t on the field. Team benches offer the perfect balance of price and functionality. The Southern Bleacher Company’s standard bench sizes vary from space for 8 to 20 players so you can choose a length that works based on typical team size. The unstoppable extruded aluminum construction means that moisture and the environment won’t damage your benches.

ADA Compliant Seating is a Must

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was enacted in 1990 and has helped guide venues in providing a safe place for attendees with disabilities. ADA guidelines outline spacing requirements and more that must be adhered to when installing new seating. Grandstands and other outdoor seats can be designed to ensure that your venue meets ADA requirements as well as all applicable building codes. You stay compliant and your guests appreciate your consideration for their individual needs!

Stadium Seating Brings Everyone Together

Quality stadium seating allows all members of the community to come together to celebrate, cheer and support their favorite teams. From American’s highest capacity football venue at Michigan Stadium to the smallest school sports field, you can provide a safe place for everyone to spectate. Take the first step in bringing your school or local community together by contacting the Southern Bleacher Company today to discuss your outdoor seating needs.