Lockers are the Ultimate Storage Solution for your School, Business, or Facility


School lockers are the easiest way to provide individual storage space for whoever uses your building. They are especially important for high schools thanks to a dramatic increase in the number of expensive electronic gadgets students carry with them on a daily basis. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that there were over 615,000 thefts involving students between the ages of 12 and 17 years old in 2012. While lockers won’t stop theft completely, they are an excellent deterrent that can help keep those statistics as low as possible at your facility. The first step is choosing the right locker for your organization or business.

Choosing the Right Corridor Lockers

Corridor lockers are a common find in schools, colleges and universities. They are used by students and faculty members to stow unnecessary items during classes and extracurricular activities. Republic Storage offers five high quality corridor lockers that are ideal for educational institutions. So which product is better for your organization?

  • Qwik-Ship Lockers: Qwik-Ship lockers come with 6” legs, recessed handles and a powerful latching system. They are available in one to three unit wide sections with 16 to 18 gauge steel doors. The prepackaged design is convenient for time sensitive building and renovation projects.
  • Heavy Duty Lockers: When you need more strength, Heavy Duty lockers are a great choice. This type includes 14 gauge doors that are double riveted with reliable nested hinges.
  • Standard Lockers: Keep things simple with Standard lockers. This type is functional but comes at a lower price for organizations that need budget-friendly storage solutions that will last a long time.
  • Single Point II Lockers: Single Point II lockers offer another economical solution that’s very low maintenance. It’s a good investment when you want lockers that will last and offer more security than the standard version.
  • Quiet Lockers: Environments that demand a high level of focus with little to no distractions need Quiet lockers. These provide a noiseless storage solution that won’t disrupt daily activities.

Choosing the Right Athletic Lockers

Athletic lockers are a must-have in any sports facility or gym. These serve the same function as corridor lockers but with features that are geared towards an athletic setting. Ventilation and durability are vital when choosing the best lockers for your athletic facility. So which product is better for your gym, school or stadium?

  • Heavy Duty Ventilated Lockers: Heavy Duty Ventilated lockers provide better breathability that prevents odor build up while offering protection for belongings that are stored in a busy locker room.
  • All Welded Ventilated Lockers: All Welded Ventilated lockers are the next step up from Heavy Duty. They offer a stronger design with a premium finish and multiple latching options.
  • MVP Lockers: MVP lockers make your top athletes and team members feel like true champions! This style features a spacious closet-like design with an interior lockable compartment.
  • ULTRA Frame Lockers: ULTRA frame lockers are a newer product that offers a combination of visual appeal and durability. They include no exposed angle iron or expanded metal for a sleeker, more professional appearance with superior strength.

Locker Maintenance and Repair

Keeping your lockers in good working order is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Work with a reliable professional to make sure your locker frames remain clean and lubricated and all loose hardware is tightened as needed. Republic Storage Solutions offers a comprehensive list of maintenance services like electromagnetic painting and part checks.

Contact Republic Storage Solutions today to discuss the installation of new lockers in your facility or to schedule maintenance and repair of an existing locker storage system.