5 Reasons to Install New Gym Wall Padding


Gym wall padding is visually appealing and functional. While not all facilities require it, any place that is used for sports and high contact activities should not overlook the value of this specialized wall covering. Even if your building already has gym wall padding, it may be time to update it to ensure safety and durability. Why should you install new padding this year?

Refresh the Look of Your School or Fitness Facility

Brand new gym wall padding will refresh the look of your facility. Old pads can become worn, torn and frayed. When you update, you create a uniform, professional look that will invigorate atmosphere. Companies like Mancino Inc. even offer solutions for outdoor settings, like vibrant fence top pads and flexible rail pads. A revitalized appearance can also translate to an increase in interest from students, customers and/or members who are enticed to check out the updated gym or stadium.

Safety Should be a Top Priority in Any Sports Area

All safety equipment should be up to date and in place in any area intended for sports play and physical activity. Gym wall padding is designed to protect players from injuries caused by impacts along walls, columns and other structures within the facility. High impact sports can be very hazardous when played within hard walls. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, dodgeball and other popular sports all come with a risk of impact.

You can’t prevent player -to-wall contact, but you can put up protection to dramatically reduce the chances of an injury. Products like NCI gym pads, which include 1” foam with custom sizes that run as tall as 8’, are a great choice along with the company’s post and column pads and stadium padding.

Show School Spirit with New Logos and Colors

Modern gym wall padding can be created with custom logos and colors. That means you can transform a plain athletic facility into a vibrant area that’s full of school spirit! Have your school logo displayed across walls to add energy and enthusiasm at pep rallies and sporting events. Fitness clubs can also use new gym wall pads to display their branding for a more memorable customer experience.

Update Fixtures and Your Gym Pads at the Same Time

Older facilities will eventually need an update on their gym wall padding. If you plan on adding new light fixtures, electrical outlets and other components, then you should also consider new gym wall pads. Pads can be custom shaped to provide spaces for light switches, climate controls, outlets and other necessities so you get convenient access without risking the safety of players or gym members.

Improve Student or Customer Experience

New gym wall pads are a simple way to improve the student or customer experience. Anyone who uses your facility will feel safer each time they play or workout, especially when high quality padding from companies like Mancino Inc. and NCI are installed. Bold colors and logos increase visual appeal while clean surfaces with no tears or signs of wear will give your facility greater overall value in the eyes of those who use it.