Comfortable Seating


Comfortable seating is vital to the success of any business or educational institution. Chairs may seem like a minor feature, but they have a profound effect on the audience’s experience. Whether you need to create an environment that nurtures learning inside a lecture room or a place to entertain in a theater, affordable and comfortable seating is a necessity.

Comfort holds the audience’s attention longer

If you want your audience to stick around, give them more reasons to starting with a great seat that offers proper support and good visibility. Attendees will quickly become frustrated if they can’t view the action or feel strained when they try to relax and take in a sporting event, show or lecture. A lack of seating and/or broken furniture is a good way to shrink your attendance count.

Irwin Seating offers a number of economical seating solutions for auditoriums, theaters and gymnasiums. Try the No. 4 steel platform model which includes greater flexibility with foot shroud and cup holder options. This durable seat comes in 19” to 24” widths and features an inclined steel column that increases leg room. Audience expectations are much higher than they were 20 years ago, which is why creature comforts like cup holders and leg space are a must-have in today’s modern theaters, auditoriums and other venues.

Good seating encourages business. Comfortable seating creates repeat business.

Not only do you want audiences to stay longer, you want them to return for future shows and events. Broken or uncomfortable seats may be tolerated during one event, but rest assured attendees will think twice about returning a second time if their basic physical needs are not met.

Big expensive cushions aren’t a requirement, as long as you offer sturdy chairs that provide excellent support and positioning. No. 35 stadium platform seats are a great example of a high quality molded seat that’s very comfortable with a simple design that’s functional and long lasting. You can even get a classic look with the Senator version, which includes a nostalgic slatted back. Seating restoration services are also available.

Proper seats in schools improve student success

Educational facilities like high schools and colleges also need good seating options. These organizations often face tough choices when it comes to buying supplies and furniture. They must balance budget yet still provide a positive environment that allows students to learn and develop to their fullest potential safely and with minimal distractions. It may come as a surprise to find that students between the ages of 13 and 18 spend an average of 78% of their day sitting. Despite this fact, school furniture is often not considered a priority when it comes time to budget each year.

Irwin Seating offers practical, high value comfortable seating solutions that cater to the unique needs of schools. Lecture room furniture includes solo tables with convenient built in work surfaces. The Model 4500 fixed and telescopic seats offer an effective option that can accommodate large crowds with traditional wood benches or modern Integra chairs for a VIP experience. Irwin offers a variety of modern seating products that will dramatically improve audience and/or student experience and fit into your organization’s budget.