Collaborative Furniture Aids Learning


The days of traditional learning spaces are fading.  A new breed of learning environment has emerged as educators adapt to the many new ways we share and collect knowledge. Collaborative furniture increases learning potential by creating opportunities for discussion and the sharing of ideas. The result is an engaging environment that fosters learning and improvement in students. Now more than ever, collaborative furniture provides a flexible solution for a constantly evolving classroom.

Student success hinges on engagement.

Diminishing enrollment and lack of engagement has affected the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines, so S.T.E.M was created. Looking forward, it’s easy to see why many are concerned about the abilities of the next generation of U.S. citizens. These young people will be expected to face a highly competitive and changing global economy.  That is why an educational environment that allows S.T.E.M. to reach its fullest potential with today’s learners is vital to individual and national success in the future.

Collaboration meets creative.  Whiteboard meets table.

Incorporate a whiteboard surface on any Interior Concepts table and watch your students thrive and inspire one another.  A white board top allows students to illustrate their ideas to teachers so that they, too, can become involved and evaluate student interactions.  S.T.E.M Labs as well as other classrooms benefit from shapes like Eclipse, Pinwheel or Trapezoid. These collaborative furniture configurations encourage and strengthen student/teacher interactions.

Flexibility in learning, maximizing space, all in one product.

Unique Shape Tables from Interior Concepts provide highly versatile designs that can easily be modified to support the ever-evolving needs of students.  S.T.E.M Lab furniture works to accommodate a variety of spaces and allows flexibility as activities change from large to small groups. They can be pulled apart and brought together – all are designed to be the most cost effective, solution-based investment you’ll make this year.

To have your next STEM project professionally designed and delivered, call us today.  We can put a quote together for your next collaborative furniture project. We are located just south of Fairfield County and serve schools, colleges, and universities in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Orange County and Sullivan County.