Indoor Bleachers Improve the School Experience for Teachers & Students

by | Apr 23, 2015

New indoor school bleachers are a great way to improve safety, comfort and functionality in your school’s gymnasium. High quality seating will last a long time while enhancing the experience for anyone who visits your facility. From the students and teachers who attend each day to parents who may participate in annual activities, everyone can benefit from a good set of indoor bleachers. Why should you consider an upgrade or new installation in your school?

More Comfort Means More Participation & Satisfaction

Comfort is key when you have to accommodate any crowd. A traditional bench like Irwin Seating Company’s wooden bleacher system can be accommodating and economical. The company also stocks Integra contoured seats that create an experience that feels more like attending an event at a major stadium.  Both styles work and offer a functional solution that will keep your audience focused, even during longer presentations, performances or sporting events.

New Indoor School Bleachers Include Current Safety Features & Design Improvements

Safety is a serious concern for any school. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that there are nearly 20,000 injuries related to bleachers annually. While you can’t prevent every incident, you can dramatically reduce the chances of an injury by providing your school with dependable seating. Older models may not include the features and design elements that newer indoor bleacher systems offer. A new installation is a good way to upgrade safety features so you can keep those statistics as low as possible!

Expands Seating for Larger Audiences to Attend Assemblies and School Events

If your assembly and event attendance varies, new indoor bleachers can help. A professionally designed system will make good use of the space your facility has so you can get the most seats in place as possible without sacrificing comfort, visual appeal or dependability. More seating means the ability to bring larger groups together to observe speakers, watch presentations or attend assemblies at a time. It also presents a chance to get more students and teachers in one place to make long lasting memories and experience learning as a group.

Updates the Look & Atmosphere in Your School

New, updated indoor bleachers will instantly add a modern feel to your gym. While the update may be done out of necessity, it will also revamp the atmosphere in your facility. This, in turn, adds value in the eyes of parents and encourages students to utilize and enjoy their school even more.

Many indoor seating models can be designed to include custom colors and graphics so you can really increase school spirit and atmosphere. Irwin Seating Company’s BlowMold seat module, for example, is practical and available in 15 vibrant colors with additional customization options and wood or plastic back supports. Their Infinity seats are just as versatile with the same customization options and a screen printed aisle logo on the end of each row.

Fixes Lingering Bleacher Problems Before They Become Serious Issues

Old bleachers can begin to fail over time, especially if they were not properly maintained throughout the years. Instead of trying to catch every possible point of failure, you can update the whole system. Installing new indoor bleachers is the most effective way to eliminate any maintenance related problems or damaged cause by regular use, contact with sports equipment or other unexpected circumstances.

Improve your educational institution and provide a better experience for parents, teachers and students. Professionally installed indoor bleachers offer more options that will enhance the look of your gym as well as its functionality and safety.

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