The ASI Group: The Power of 3


It’s been said, that if you’re good at one thing, stick with that.  Well, what happens when you’re good at more than one?  You become a single source solution for accessories, lockers and partitions, which gives your customers and distributors a viable option to consolidate their needs.

The accessories division of ASI is a powerhouse that provides almost 40 different product categories for any commercial space.  From grab bars and hand dryers to mirrors and soap systems, they have all the bases covered and yours too.

Keep private parts, private with Ultimate Privacy™ Partitions.

Toilet partition manufacturing sits in front as one of their core businesses.  They offer a variety of partitions for restrooms of all sizes, a variety of colors and different types of material.  Through their Global Partitions company, they offer a complete line of toilet partitions, from powder coated steel, stainless steel, and solid plastic to black core phenolic, color-thru phenolic and plastic laminate in four mounting styles!

Accessories that make life easier.

ASI knows how to design and manufacturer washroom accessories so that they’re not only useful, but look great.  Their motto of “built to stand the test of time” is something that all of their customers can expect – from schools and colleges to stadiums and corporate office buildings.  There’s a good chance your washroom already as ASI products in it. If they do not, they should.

Lockers that keep belongings safe and sound.

As a means to round out the 3rd critical business The ASI Group has an array of lockers, shelves, cabinets and desks. Designed for use in retail environments, athletic facilities, schools and other commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

A wide range of colors and materials (including steel, solid plastic and phenolic) offer the perfect solution for any storage application.

All in all, The ASI Group has done a fine job building these businesses and exceeding their customers’ expectations.  It’s not everyday that companies like this can venture out and add new products to their existing offering and manage to be successful.