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American Specialties Inc. Provides Safe Equipment, Supplies for Opening Schools

by | Jul 20, 2020

This fall, things are going to look a little different when schools reopen. Whether public, private, or charter, all educational institutions are going to have to re-think the safety of their students (and faculty and staff); especially as the flu season approaches. Companies, like American Specialties Inc., are prepared for the new school year and a new normal.  They have dozens of product options including safer equipment and supplies for opening schools.

Safe Equipment, Supplies for Opening Schools

Educational institutions should consider implementing as many of the following strategies to promote behaviors that reduce the spread of viruses:

  • Educate staff, faculty, students, and their families about proper hand hygiene
  • Encourage all individuals in your facilities to wear cloth face coverings
  • Support cleanliness by having adequate supplies available for all facilities
  • Post signs that are easy-to-access and promote everyday protective measures

Another way you can keep your students and teachers safe is by guaranteeing safe equipment and supplies for opening schools.

Sanitizing Dispensers for Schools

One of the easiest ways to ensure a healthy school population is to install sanitizing dispensers throughout the campus. We are all busy and often times hand hygiene isn’t exactly at the top of our to-do lists. That’s why having handy hand sanitizing dispensers around your school is so important. These easy-to-access dispensers will keep hand hygiene top of mind when you walk by. Plus they’re easier for children to use (versus a trip to the bathroom solely to wash their hands). Help protect your students and employees by installing a sanitizing dispenser before September rolls around!

Hand Dryers for School Bathrooms

Long gone are the days of soggy, environmentally-harmful, and expensive paper towels. Instead, say hello to the alternative way for your students and faculty to dry their hands: hand dryers for school bathrooms. Hand dryers like their Turbo-Dri High Speed are more hygienic, and also more eco-conscious (i.e. less paper waste) and less expensive (i.e. you don’t have to constantly replenish them); plus they are durable and energy-efficient. Although it may be a bigger initial investment to set up electric hand dryers in your school bathrooms, the longterm benefits (and the amount of money you’ll save) are well-worth it.

Hands-Free Door Openers for Schools

In general, our hands carry, harbor, and transmit a lot of different germs, microorganisms, and bacteria from service to service. It can be gross to think about how many doors and different surfaces you touch on a daily basis.  This is especially true in-between hand washings. Now, imagine how bad it is at schools.  All those young people touching their faces, noses, books, phones, etc. and then touching doors, desks, and chairs… That’s why this year, you need to invest in hands-free door openers.

The most popular choices for hands-free door openers for schools include a hands-free arm opener and foot opener. With the arm opener, the person uses their forearm to pull down a lever that opens the door for them. The foot lever is just as easy to use – one simply grips the foot lever at the bottom of the door with their show, then pulling the door to open. Either option is a great alternative to traditional doors with handles that have hundreds of hands touch them a day.

Bathroom Partitions for Schools

A necessity for every public bathroom is quality bathroom partitions. But finding the proper bathroom partitions for schools can be tricky. Not only do you have to decide on partition height and design, but you also have to choose the style, what materials they’ll be made of, and make sure your bathroom partition set-up makes sense in the limited space you have available.

ASI Global Partitions are a great option for school bathroom partitions because they are made of long-lasting, durable materials.  They also, in most cases, exceed standard specifications and requirements. ASI Global Partitions have the largest selection of designer options in the industry, and are also made in the U.S.A.!

American Specialties Inc.

There is no need to go to several vendors for one product or solution.  ASI designs, creates, engineers, and manufactures fully-integrated bathroom partitions, supplies, and accessories all under one roof. When you order products from ASI, you will have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the most prestigious, innovative technologies delivered to your school.  A.T. Equipment Sales is proud to offer these products, which are unrivaled in quality and made with unbeatable innovation, to our clients.

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