best selling hand dryer
best selling hand dryer

The Best Selling Hand Dryer For Your School!

by | Feb 22, 2016

Looking for the best selling hand dryer? Look no further! Whether you’re looking to replace hand dryers for your school building or adding another bathroom for students and need to buy new high speed hand dryers. We have been selling and installing ASI handdryers for close to ten years.  Many preschools, elementary schools, colleges and universities throughout New York can purchase on Southern Westchester BOCES contract  or Eastern Suffolk BOCES contract, which they love.  A.T. Equipment Sales is a reputable and knowledgeable resource when it comes to helping customers budget for and buy their school’s equipment.

Our best selling hand dryer is ASI’s Turbo-Dri™ high speed hand dryer. It has features that our facilities customers love. Here are a few that make this the go-to Quick drying — less than 12 seconds. It operates automatically using infrared sensor, which is a nice feature. An auto-resetting thermostat is perfect for temperature control.  Our facilities customers also love the 60-second automatic shut off and cover fabricated of heavy-duty, one-piece-formed stainless steel- so it’s cost-conscious and durable!

Worried about size? It’s overall size is 8 1/16″ W x 11 19/64″ H x 7 5/64″ D (287 x 205 x 180 mm). Which makes it a nice solution for any bathroom, locker room or restroom.

For the environmentally conscious, the Turbo-Dri™ high speed hand dryer is GreenSpec Listed!

What is GreenSpec? And do you want such products in your school?

Here’s a snippet from them:

“GreenSpec editors conduct our own research based on GreenSpec’s current topical focus, identify products, and vet them against GreenSpec’s criteria. GreenSpec is not an advertising-based publication and we do not charge for GreenSpec listings. Our editors have sole control of product selection and product descriptions. Our members appreciate that independence.”

All in all, ASI’s products are made with great care and attention. We are confident in what we sell, because our customers depend on us to guide them. We work with schools, colleges, universities all over NY State. The counties we service are Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester, Orange, Putnam, and Dutchess. Give us a call at 914.472.7222 or email

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