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Media Technologies: For All K-12 Furniture Needs

by | Jan 19, 2021

School and office furniture manufacturers are plenty, and the options for architects and interior designers in the educational realm are abundant.

Media Technologies has done an excellent job of tying individuals’ needs in schools into their product offerings. For over 20 years, they’ve tested and listened closely to understand their customers’ wants and ideas. As a result, three diverse collections of products catered to these needs to help schools set their students up for success were born:

mediaspace Collection – For Libraries, Makerspaces, and Beyond

Media Technologies takes a unique approach for libraries and maker space classrooms (especially those used with STEM/STEAM curriculum). Knowing that each of the spaces is unique to the school in which they are housed, they realize that the approach to designing and furnishing them needs to be equally impressive.

Upon analyzing the specific specifications of a space, Media Technologies then sections off the area into “zones” and recommends furniture based on each zone’s intended use. They consider how the site will be used, what it needs in terms of media or equipment, and what level of privacy or storage it requires. They base all recommendations of products and furniture to bring in on these details as well as the tone and scheme a school wants to carry through. Focusing their recommendations around a key “anchor product,” Media Technologies then suggests supporting pieces to help both bring the space together as well as supplement the functionality of it. Educators can then fully capitalize on the area, using the layout and furniture to implement their curriculum better.

Furnish Any Space with the anyspace Collection

Media Technologies’anyspace collection offers tables, seating, and work surfaces that can easily be mixed and matched. Fitting with recent shifts to collaborative and flexible environments in schools, the ultimate goal of this collection is to bring high-quality pieces that can be utilized in a variety of ways and in “any space.” Beyond the classroom, these pieces bring inclusivity and flexibility to other school areas, including cafeterias, common areas, and offices/meeting rooms. Such examples of flexibility are noticeable in their variety of common area seating options. Along with traditional chairs (with and without castors), Media Technologies creates mobile ottomans, slide chairs, and cafe-height stools. They have got seating for everyone and every space.

The workspace Collection – Rethinking Spaces and Increasing Functionality

Casework is the backbone of the classroom and other school spaces. It is generally the first type of furnishings purchased for school spaces. Over the years, traditional, fixed casework remains popular. However, classrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so this usually requires some customization level. Other moveable and flexible options have also entered the industry and are gaining steam as they allow for more flexibility.

Media Technologies takes it a bit further as they realized that many areas of classrooms and libraries often go underutilized. The workspace Collection seeks to reshape how schools think of these areas. It helps them see the possibilities and potential. This is especially important in schools with limited space and a growing student population, and these products help them maximize the space they have. For example, Media Technologies offers the ewall cabinet, allowing schools to conserve space by combining a writing surface and storage option. Other options for the room’s perimeter include countertop workspace combinations that can easily fold into the casework when not in use.

A.T. Equipment Sales – Partners in Forward-Thinking

At A.T. Equipment Sales, we pride ourselves on being selective with our partner manufacturers.  We know that the education realm is ever-changing, and our furniture and equipment options need to evolve as well.  This is why we choose to partner with forward-thinking companies, such as Media Technologies.  Their diligent work to stay ahead of the wants and needs of educators results in product offerings that exceed expectations, every time.  If you’d like to learn more about the products from Media Technologies and others, contact us today!

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