Window Shades
Window Shades

Window Shades That Are Perfect For Any Building

by | Jan 6, 2016

For over 112 years, Draper Inc has sold all types of window coverings. All schools, colleges and universities have a need for window shades, in and around A.T. Equipment’s coverage area spannning Westchester County, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Rockland County and Orange County.

Most notable, is Draper’s FlexShade window shade.  It’s ability to reflect light and heat from the sun, reducing the amount of energy required to cool the building is something a lot of our facilities people appreciate.

But that’s not all… There are several different types of FlexShade.  Below we’re sharing a little bit of each, so you’ll be able to tell which would be the best for your building.
Motorized FlexShade- Draper’s motorized FlexShade offers ultimate high-tech convenience as a functional shading system. The simplicity of shades with the versatility of motorized operation, is something all our customers love.

  • The Motorized FlexShade has six different types:
  • Dual Roller FlexShade with Fascia
  • Dual Roller FlexShade Brackets
  • Battery Operated FlexShade
  • 24V DC FlexShade
  • FlexShade 2
  • Colossal FlexShade

Manual FlexShade– Which is another favorite option for those who do not require a motorized option. You’ll still get all the value that Draper includes in their window shades, just a simpler version.
The Manual FlexShade has seven different types:

  • Clutch Operated FlexShade
  • Clutch Operated XD FlexShade
  • Crank Operated FlexShade
  • Dual Roller FlexShade with Fascia
  • Dual Roller FlexShade Brackets
  • Spring Roller FlexShade
  • Techmatic FlexShade

Skylight FlexShades- An unprotected skylight can generate an uncomfortable amount of heat and glare. The Skylight FlexShade® is a viable solution. One of the benefits is it’s inconspicuously recessed into the skylight opening, a Skylight FlexShade provides solar and UV control to protect those who live, work and play in any building as well as its furnishings.

The Skylight FlexShade comes with one additional variation:

  • Skylight 2 FlexShade

LightBloc FlexShades- Draper’s No light gap at the headbox side channel connection. Light proof hem bar recessed into light proof side channel. Exclusive, patented Fabric Retention System prevents disengagement of fabric from channels. Precision engineered and custom built for each opening.

The LightBloc FlexShade comes in 3 different options:

  • Manual LightBloc FlexShade
  • Motorized LightBloc FlexShade
  • LightBloc ZIP

Bottom-Up FlexShade- Draper’s Bottom-Up FlexShade pivots away from the crowed of traditional shades.  It  provides privacy without eliminating natural daylight, we love that! Draper’s Bottom-Up FlexShade utilizes the natural daylight to its fullest extent, while protecting work surfaces near the windows from excess heat harsh glare.

Hands down, Daper brings quality, experience and variety to any school, university or college. A.T. Equipment Sales is a preimere distributor for Draper. We cover Westchester County, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Rockland County and Orange County for all school furniture and equipment.

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