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Choosing the Best Classroom Furniture Quick Ship Program in 2018

by | Sep 19, 2018

Have you realized that you may not have enough school furniture for your classrooms? Did you receive some unexpected last-minute enrollments? If so, don’t panic.

Today, QuickShip programs allow you to order last-minute items so that everyone has a seat in your classrooms. Better yet, companies like SmithSystem have a variety of QuickShip classroom furniture options for you to choose from so that your students are as comfortable as possible during their lessons.

Why Go for the Quick Ship Option?

The start of the school year is a daunting time for both students and teachers. From enrollment to room changes, as a principal, you must ensure that everyone knows their curriculum and classrooms.

But, things change. Unforeseen circumstances mean that you may have more students in your classrooms than expected. From last-minute enrollments to unforeseen classroom changes, it’s not unusual to have the wrong number of tables and chairs at the beginning of the school year.

Luckily, there is such a thing as QuickShip furniture options. These allow you to get all your classrooms ready for the beginning of the year. But, how do you choose the best one?

Best School Furniture Quick Ship Programs

QuickShip school furniture options allow you to get your classrooms ready for the start of the first semester in September. Even if you only realize that you’re missing supplies at the last-minute, this option allows you to order your furniture knowing that you’ll receive it in a matter of days.

The best QuickShip programs offer:

  • Quality furniture options
  • Shipping within days of ordering
  • Orders for single and grouped items

The top companies with QuickShip programs will also have a great customer support team, and be able to provide you with an instant quote for their services.

SmithSystem offers a tailored QuickShip school furniture program designed to meet your individual needs as quickly as possible. Most of the company’s items are available for QuickShip and our team can offer you a quote in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the company has an extensive variety of furniture suitable for all types of classrooms, no matter what the subject or age group.

Purchasing Quick Ship Items in the NY State and Southern Westchester BOCES Contracts

This year, more than 56 million students will enroll in elementary and secondary school in the U.S. alone. To ensure that these students get the education they deserve, it’s important that they have the best environment to learn in.

Kicking off the year with the right classroom furniture will show your students that you care about the quality of their learning experience. By opting for SmithSystem’s QuickShip program, you can choose from a variety of desks and chairs, all of which come in different colors and materials, fit for various purposes. Best of all, most items ship and arrive within days of ordering. 

No matter what the subject, your students’ comfort in the classroom will dictate how they engage with their lessons and teachers. It will shape their ability to learn and grow.

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