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Transform Your School Dining Furniture Into An Enriched Experience

by | Feb 26, 2019

Dining times for students can often be filled with stress and seclusion. Traditional school dining furniture is designed for small groups and make it easy for students to get lost in a crowd of cliques. SICO recognized the need for change and developed an Enriched Dining Experience for k-12 schools.

Students today aren’t just sitting and eating during their dining period. From catching up with friends to scraping together last-minute homework assignment, students need more flexibility and inclusion when in comes to school cafeteria seating.

As more students make the argument for free-range dining programs, SICO is helping educational facilities equip their cafeterias with school dining furniture that encourages students to remain on campus. By keeping students engaged and on school grounds, schools build a revenue source, strengthen the school community and improve student safety.

What Is An Enriched Dining Experience?

SICO set out to develop school dining furniture that would rival that of off-campus eating. By offering a combination of more private tables with comfortable booths alongside full-length tables with more traditional seating for 12 or more students, you’re able to create a welcoming, unique setting for students.

The Enriched Dining Experience also includes cafeteria equipment that makes it easy for students to dispose of waste and quickly find the condiments they need. The SICO trash receptacle mirrors those found in restaurants, giving the school cafeteria an upgraded feel. By using a condiment counter in your dining space, you make it easy for students to find what they need and have a durable place to store unused items.

Incorporating soft seating in your school dining furniture line up gives students a place to relax in between classes and a plush seat for dining.

School Dining Furniture and Students

As school administrators and teachers, you want the best for your students. From their safety to ability to learn, creating an environment that fosters growth is an overarching goal of the educational system. By creating a welcoming environment in the dining space of your school, you encourage students to engage with one another. Building a sense of community on the school campus can help lower reports of students getting in trouble. Keeping students on campus also means students are more likely to return to class and arrive on time.

Filling dining spaces with mobile cafeteria furniture allows you to easily store the collapsible tables out of the way. The tables go from stationary to mobile in minutes, saving labor time over traditional tables with chairs. Use the cafeteria space for other purposes when dining is over and make clean up easier with a variety of laminate options.

Eliminate crowded isles or cliques that can occur with mobile chairs. Attached stools can be customized to your school color. Transport caddies make it easy to remove the tables from the cafeteria and portable stages transform the space into a theater or performance area.

Your students deserve the comfort and safety that comes with an Enriched Dining Experience. Develop your school’s sense of community and build a solid revenue source by making the school campus an appealing place to be.

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