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Locker Solutions For School

ASI Lockers: The Multi-Faceted Approach To School Storage

by | Feb 24, 2019

ASI Lockers: The Multi-Faceted Approach To School Storage

As schools become more dependent on electronics as a source of learning rather than traditional textbooks, there’s been some argument that school lockers aren’t as necessary as they once were. However, there are elements of a student’s day and school storage needs that are dependent on traditional and sport lockers.

ASI Storage Solutions is a leader in manufacturing school lockers and understands the needs of students and schools. By considering student safety, protection of personal belongings, and the need to keep school classrooms and locker rooms clutter free, ASI has developed three distinct lines of lockers that work for any education level.

Traditional Collection

The most-requested school locker line from ASI Storage Solutions is the Traditional Collection. Schools are able to customize these classic lockers, filling their hallways with school colors and the size needed based on the student age and population. The Traditional Collection offers single- to six-tier configurations, as well as two-person, 16-person and wall-mounted options. The lockers are built to be durable against years of use, easy to open and close, and quiet when in use.

These are the locker your students will depend on each day when they arrive at school and change classes throughout the day. Whether it’s used to store personal belongings, text books, or a change of clothes, these lockers offer a secure storage solution for students of any age. Locker locks can be used on any customized creation to keep students’ belongings safe.

Traditional Plus Collection

When your educational facility needs a more sleek, durable design, the Traditional Plus Collection is the solutions. These rugged school lockers offer 14-gauge doors with 16-gauge full-height reinforcement channels, frame-secured 11-gauge frame hooks with protruding padlock hasps. The maintenance-free, single-point latching system securely closes each locker. The Traditional Plus Collection comes in single-, double- or triple-tier configurations.

While this style locker is designed to take a pounding, ASI Storage Solutions doesn’t skimp on the fine details. The rubber door silencers offer quiet operation, so even with a hallway full of rushed high schoolers, the noise level is at a minimum – at least as far as the lockers are concerned.

Competitor Collection

Lockers in a sports team locker room have a specific design that you won’t typically find walking the halls of school. The Competitor Collection from ASI offers the ultimate in ventilation and visibility combined with strength and visual appeal. Student-athletes in your school and those who visit for sporting events need access to secure storage. Not only that, you want to avoid harsh odors from collecting inside closed off lockers, making the Competitor Collection the perfect solution.

Customize your school sporting lockers with one- through six-tier configurations and rubber door silencers for quiet operation. The ability to customize your locker shade means you can proudly represent your school colors.

Your students deserve to have a safe storage place for their textbooks and sporting equipment. With pressures coming from parents, peers, and teachers, the last thing your students and student-athletes should worry about is their privacy or safety of their belongings. In addition, by providing school lockers, you increase the overall security in the school because the lockers are subject to random searches as needed because they are school property.  

Traditional and sport lockers are a great way to support your students while displaying school pride. Consider upgrading or adding these school locker options to your hallways and locker rooms this semester.


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