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How School Seating Makes Learning Fun (And Memorable)

by | Dec 18, 2018

Students have the ability to learn more when they are in a fun setting. Research reveals that stress, boredom, and low motivation can interfere with learning. Keeping the attention of a classroom full of children is harder than ever in today’s technology-driven world, but the answer is simpler than you may think.

School seating can shape the way your classroom affects your students. With flexible seating options, students are more comfortable and can learn from a variety of viewpoints. The days of heavy, metal desks that forced students to sit in one position for hours on end are long gone. Today’s seating for classrooms ranges from ottoman-style chairs to a new and improved bean bag-style chair, like the FomBags from Fōmcore. Seating isn’t just a place for students to position themselves for a day of learning. It can be used to better engage each child and enhance the classroom experience.

School Seating As Learning Tool

As teachers and administrators, you’re determined to prepare your students for the future. Today’s workforce demands soft skills. Those characteristics weren’t sought after decades ago. To be able to think critically, communicate openly, and work as a part of a team, students need to engage one another. Seating for classrooms needs to be mobile. As children learn to interact with different groups, flexible school seating makes collaborative learning environments more accessible.

As students move their seats to different areas of the classroom, the tables they use also need to invite group work. The Amoeba is a fun way to keep students engaged. The creative shape also encourages small group interaction. The cutout areas allow mobile school seating to be pulled to the edge to complete work.

Seating In Classrooms Inspires Teacher Interaction

Before educators realized the powerful affect student seating has on the learning process, desks were placed in rows. Naturally, most students flocked to the back row. Avoiding direct interaction with the teacher meant students could skate by unnoticed in many situations. The problem with the backrow crowd is that they were proven to not learn as readily as the students toward the front of the class.

With today’s school seating, traditional rows that seclude a portion of the population are non existent. Nontraditional seating, like the Bump, eliminates the classroom row and offers a fun seating alternative.

Never has so much attention been placed on the atmosphere where students learn. As we discover how school seating, desks, and storage play a role in the learning process, we can make necessary changes to enhance the experience.

Whether it’s ottoman seating to encourage group discussion or armless options for the media center, classroom seating can have a profound effect on the ability to learn. Each student deserves the opportunity to engage with the lesson and learn in their own way. Create a fun, flexible environment for your students with Fōmcore school seating. Explore how classroom chairs can make your job as an educator more enjoyable and rewarding.

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