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How A Classroom Chair Doubles As A Teaching Assistant

by | Nov 27, 2018

Learning is not a spectator sport. In order to get the most out of the classroom experience, students need to be engaged with the teacher and one another. For decades, classrooms were equipped with heavy, immobile desks that forced students to look straight ahead, inhibited their learning, and made sitting painful.

Modern classrooms are designed with collaborative furniture that supports student exploration and flexibility. Each student has his own style of learning – whether that be sitting in a different position, working with classmates, or changing his view to better see the instructor’s message – and flexible seating allows for those changes. One of the best options for enhanced classroom learning is the flexible seating found in the Ethos Series chair from Haskell. This line of chairs transforms the classroom into a versatile environment. Here’s why the Ethos chair doubles as a teaching assistant.

Places Value On Teamwork

The classroom should not pit students against one another. The Ethos Series from Haskell helps students move toward a collective goal rather than forming rows and columns of students who can’t clearly see the instructions and aren’t engaged with the teacher. The 360-degree swiveling capability easily gives the students access to position themselves in small groups for discussions or work together in a project in an easy, quick manner.

Prepares Students For Workforce

America’s work spaces are becoming more collaborative as startups begin to realize the value of a shared work environment. Being able to learn from one another in a team environment boosts a student’s confidence and allows them to see a situation from a different perspective. Soft skills are in high demand from employers and collaborative furniture equips students with those desired characteristics.

Maintain Attention

When students are more comfortable, they are more mentally open to learning. The shell seating found in the Ethos Series from Haskell supports a relaxed sitting position. In addition, the tablet arm adjusts for right and left-handed learners, so students won’t be forced to sit uncomfortably in order to complete their assignment.

Better Health

The flexible seating solutions from Haskell are designed to be easy-to-clean. While you may not be able to control the germs that come into the classroom, the smooth material can be wiped quickly and easily, providing a clean space for the next student. Over 7 million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school each year. The Ethos Series chair supports better student health, improving attendance rates.

Collaborative furniture allows students to work with those around them and engage with the teacher. The Ethos Series line from Haskell offers mobile, comfortable seating, an easy-to-clean surface, tablet arm adjustment for right and left-handed students and personal storage so the students are focused on the lesson, not their personal belongings. Think outside the standard classroom desk and make your classrooms more efficient with flexible seating.

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