Gym Equipment Repair

by | May 23, 2016

A.T. Equipment Sales is your source for all gym equipment repairs. More than likely, there are one or more pieces of equipment in your gym that are faulty and could pose a serious threat if they go unaddressed. We believe it’s better to understand the physical shape of your airwall/partitions, bleachers, basketball backstops, wall padding, stage rigging components, roll up doors/gates and gym divider curtains than to hope they’ll work for years without being maintained. Here’s what you can expect from our service and repair offering:
  1. A thorough inspection of your the gym. We open and close partitions, bleachers, roll-up doors, gates, gym divider curtains and items you wouldn’t even think of.  
  2. For each item, we keep a list of whether it’s satisfactory, needs to be totally replaced or it can be fixed, so you’ll know what shape things are in.
  3. You’ll receive a firm quote based on our findings with time, material and labor. This way there are no surprises and no tricks – just straight forward dealing.
The best times of the year to schedule a walk through of your school’s gym is around the time of summer break. So once the evaluation happens, and the proposal is signed off on, we can begin to work through the list of equipment/parts that need to be replaced or fixed. Since this can take some time, and we typically get pretty busy this time of year, we suggest calling us to schedule an evaluation of the gymnasium as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry is the motto for any equipment that anyone is exposed to. A thorough check to see if mechanical items are working properly, hinges are lubricated and work as they should and all of the visual aspects that come along with a trained-eye make all the difference when an inspection is done. If you’d like to have your gym equipment inspected, we can schedule an appointment and turn around a deficiency report pretty quickly so you’ll know what’s involved. If your school is in Westchester County, Putnam County, Suffolk or Nassau Counties, call us at 914.472.7222 and let us inspect your school gym today!

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