Flavors Chair, Silhouette Curve Desk: How Classroom Furniture Elevates Learning

by | Jun 26, 2018

It’s harder than ever to hold a student’s attention. Even with advanced technology taking the place of traditional textbooks, the classroom has to merge an element of social engagement – dare we say, entertainment – with required instruction to have an effective impression on today’s pupils. A classroom element that many educational leaders are now turning to for support in student growth is multifunctional school furniture. No, really.

The days of heavy, immobile metal and wood desks disappeared like the pages of a book. Today’s education facilities are filled with flexible, collaborative pieces that not only make learning easier, they actually encourage it.

The Best of Classroom Furniture

Let’s start with the basics. Each student needs a desk and chair, but what we know about today’s younger generations is that they desire to engage with one another and need to be comfortable for optimal learning. Flavors Chairs and Silhouette Curve Desks from Smith System are a collaborative duo for elevated learning. While the aesthetics of each piece can be manipulated to mirror school colors, what’s most appealing about this classroom chair and desk set is the multifunctional ability and flexible seating for strong posture and comfort. To understand the collaborative function of this perfect pair, let’s get a closer look at each piece.

Flavors Chairs From Smith System

The Flavors Chairs offer students four different seating options, allowing a flexible range of motion. The torsional flex in the seatback offers customized posture support to give students the comfort needed for full focus on learning. The chairs can be dressed with wheels or glides at the bottom – perfect for multifunctional classrooms.

With the Flavors Noodle Chair, students can face front, back, or to either side. The specifically designed flexible seatback has a slim cutout at the base where students can comfortably place their legs while sitting backward. This seat is great for fidgeters and wigglers – allowing them to comfortably sit how their body naturally adjusts throughout the class.

Silhouette Curve Desk From Smith System

With clean lines and an open approach, the Silhouette Curve Desk gives the student freedom to nestle in closely to the desk or scoot back for group activity. This contemporary desk is a great piece for transitional classrooms or collaborative learning spaces as some styles offer an adjustable height feature. The desk design also supports uncluttered classroom aisles with its built-in backpack peg, standard on all styles. The open design allows students to position themselves at the desk from either side and the desks can be designed with wheels or glides.

Perfectly Paired Classroom Furniture

When Flavors Chairs and the Silhouette Curve Desk from Smith System come together, students have the ultimate in flexible seating, comfort, and support for an enhanced learning environment. The multifunctional features of the Flavors Chair partnered with the utilitarian design of the Silhouette Curve Desk creates a classroom that’s easy to change into a collaborative space to support group learning and engagement.

The A.T. Equipment Sales team can walk you through the options of each piece to match the style and colors to your classroom needs and budget. When you buy on contract, you’ll partner with a team member for consultative services and work with just one project manager to ensure your customized order is the best fit for your education facility. Tell us which pieces will work best for you!

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