Most Effective Way To Buy School Furniture

by | Jul 13, 2018

Furnishing an entire school, or even a classroom, with the appropriate chairs, desks, tables and more, can be a daunting task. With so many choices in styles, colors, and sizes, it’s hard to know which multifunctional pieces will work well together and create a collaborative learning environment for your students. The best way to ensure you’re not only getting the proper pieces to fill the classrooms, but also staying on track financially, is to buy on contract. The A.T. Equipment Sales team offers a number of services with a contract purchase to ensure your classrooms are furnished with the proper equipment on budget and on schedule. You can count on consultative services, a thorough explanation of options, and in some cases, installation assistance. These services come together to enhance your contract purchase. Site Visit Working with an expert who can visit your school, walk through the classrooms, lunch space, and collaborative learning areas and offer layout suggestions will help you purchase school furniture with confidence. The consultative approach A.T. Equipment Sales takes with each contract buy helps school leaders build multifunctional learning environments that foster growth, while getting the job complete in a timely manner. Our representatives visit your site, evaluate your needs, and provide options based on your goals and budget. Transparent Pricing Buying school furnishings on contract often times means you’re eligible for discounts. A.T. Equipment Sales has a transparent pricing system, so when your budget is less than flexible, you avoid the surprise (and financial fallout) of obscure charges. Classroom furniture options that fit your budget are presented to you, and because our experienced team takes a hands-on approach for each project, you can rest assured we’ll help you stick to your allotted funding. Layout Planning Once you’ve selected the classroom chair, desk, and multifunctional storage options you’ll need, your A.T. Equipment Sales partner will help you develop a collaborative learning space, optimizing the versatility of the equipment. Many of our flexible furnishing options have the power to transform – mobility, conjoining pieces, and changeable storage – so when you buy on contract, your consultant will present a layout that showcases the features of the equipment with your classroom goals in mind. It’s In The Details Chair and desk finishes may not seem like a major part of the project, but working one-on-one with an A.T. Equipment Sales rep for your contract purchase means each piece will be uniform and designed to protect your classroom floors, walls, and students. When you buy on contract for your multifunctional school equipment needs, you’ll only work with one A.T. Equipment Sales project manager to ensure each step of the process is handled properly and no detail falls through the cracks. Delivery When it’s time to put your collaborative classroom furniture into the school, we confirm you’re pleased with the product, understand how the pieces work together, and can ensure the furniture is properly installed in your classrooms. Furnishing a classroom, commons area, or a complete educational facility is a large undertaking that can quickly become overwhelming when you begin to look at the many options available. However, when you buy school furniture on contract, you know the A.T. Equipment Sales team will walk through each step of the process – from color selection to installation – to ensure your furnishings add to each student’s experience.

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