Can Interior Gym Equipment Affect Educational Outcomes?

by | Jul 23, 2018

Teaching a classroom full of students can be difficult enough without battling the never-ending energy level that kids and teens exude. The need for physical activity in schools has never been as evident as it is now. Interior gym equipment partnered with proper safety measures will not only help your students be better learners and stay physically active, but it’s also a display of pride the district takes in its educational facilities.

Gym Equipment And Brain Function

Whether you’re supporting elementary school students with learning new sports and need gym divider curtains or your high school interior gym equipment needs to be upgraded with new batting cage nets, the changes you make will impact students in the classroom.

A study out of Denmark conducted by 24 health experts from eight countries concluded that “a single session of moderate physical activity has an acute benefit to brain function, cognition and scholastic performance in children and youth.” Investing in interior gym equipment for physical curriculum also supports life skills and core values in students.

School Gym Equipment For Safety

As school leaders and administrators, it’s crucial to work to keep students safe – in the classroom and during physical education. Installing the proper gym safety equipment, like Gym wall pads, will protect student-athletes, teachers and fans during games. The pads also offer a way to visibly promote school pride with mascot images, color combinations, and the school name or slogan. Flexible pilaster wraps and column and corner pads also ward against potentially catastrophic injuries.

One in five high school athletes will suffer a concussion during their season this year, and the number of concussions among middle school student athletes in rising faster than any other group. Gym wall pads, column pads, and floor pads will help protect the students while still allowing them to remain active.

Indoor Gym Bleachers For Inclusive Seating

When your school or university hosts an event in the gymnasium, you want players, coaches and fans to feel welcome and comfortable. Indoor gym seating that is modern and safe helps fans enjoy the game or event, and installing wheelchair accessible bleachers allows everyone to partake. Depending on the capacity of your gym, you may choose telescopic bleachers or stadium style seating for your indoor gym.

Once you decide on the type of interior gym equipment your school needs, it’s time to partner with a reputable company that will stand by the product they install. A.T. Equipment Sales will work with you from inception to installation, and we’ll continue to service and repair your indoor gym bleachers. Whether you go with Telescopic Gym Bleachers, Retractable Wooden Bleachers, or Combination Bleachers, our team will ensure your indoor gym equipment is branded how you’d like – your team colors or name – and made of quality materials.

Investing in interior gym equipment that serves your student body, faculty and guests, will not only promote safety, but the condition of your facility also speaks to the reputation and mission of your school.

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