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Maintain School Safety with a Gymnasium Inspection

by | May 27, 2021

Some schools have transitioned back to in-person learning this spring and many more plan to do so this upcoming fall semester. With students and staff entering the building again, safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. While all school areas must be regularly maintained and inspected for safety, no area carries the potential for injuries like the gymnasium. Much of the gym and sporting equipment in schools has been left untouched for a year, so these elements must be properly inspected before put to use again.

Potential Safety Hazards in School Gymnasiums

In terms of safety hazards, the school gymnasium often provides several. Many seemingly stationary pieces within a school gym are moveable in some way. With that ability to move comes the potential for injury.

Operable Walls

When incorrectly used by an untrained person, operable walls can be extremely dangerous. From smashed fingers to more serious injuries, safety can’t be traded off for the functionality and aesthetics these partitions offer.

Indoor Bleachers

Every year, accidents involving bleachers cause thousands of injuries. From loose seats to improper training on moveable bleachers, the extent of these injuries can vary. However, the frequency of injuries recently led to stricter national standards for safety requirements. These standards include restrictions on spacing and non-skid surface requirements.


Even stationary basketball hoops and backstops need occasional inspection and maintenance. However, those that are motorized provide a greater risk of injury if not properly maintained. Because of their moveable nature, a malfunction in hardware or loose cable can lead to potential displacement of the backstop. This can be extremely dangerous for those in the vicinity.

Professional Gym Inspections for Increased Safety

To ensure that all students and staff are safe when they enter the school gymnasium, regular inspections are needed for the equipment and spaces. A.T. Equipment Sales doesn’t just focus on fitting schools with the right equipment and furniture. We also want to make sure schools can utilize those pieces for years to come – safely and responsibly.

We partner with Gym Equipment Repairs, Inc. to offer several maintenance and inspection services to keep both students and staff safe.

Folding Partition Maintenance

With this service, a complete inspection is performed to assess the condition and safety of the partitions. A safety professional inspects the chain/cable, limit switches, and track – they then make any adjustments or calibrations as necessary. Additionally, the entire structure gets lubricated and oil added to the motor if needed. Any issues found during the inspection are detailed in a report sent to customers afterward along with recommendations for fixes. Once the inspector deems the partitions are in good working order, we issue a safety inspection certificate stating so.

Bleacher Maintenance Service

As one of the leading causes of injury in school gyms, Gym Equipment Repairs, Inc. offers a preventative maintenance service to keep these from happening. This service includes a full inspection of the hardware, including anchors, slides, clips, and wall mounts. Anything found to be loose or unattached is re-secured. Also, we inspect the seats, checking for proper spacing between rows, looking for any broken sears or bent seat boards. Before we leave, we lubricate the chairs and check the tension. We then provide a detailed report of all findings so you can schedule any additional repairs.

Backstop Safety Inspections

Before anyone steps on the court this fall, you must schedule a backstop safety inspection and preventive service. All parts of the backstop are inspected, including the fittings and welds, cables/pulleys, and gear heads. In some cases, a good cleaning and greasing will be sufficient. But, in cases of excessive wear, there may be suggested repairs or replacements. We always recommend that any parts needing replacing are done so with manufacturer-approved replacement parts to ensure proper functioning and safety of the backstops.

A.T. Equipment Sales – Partners in Shaping Success AND School Safety

We strive to partner with manufacturers who share our passion for equipping educational institutions with the furniture and equipment they need for success. However, we value safety just as much. So, we work diligently to ensure that schools maintain their equipment so that both staff and students remain unharmed. Through our partnership with Gym Equipment Repairs – we have helped schools throughout New York maintain safety as their number 1 priority, and we plan on continuing to do so. If you are interested in scheduling a preventative maintenance service for some or all of your gymnasium equipment, contact us today – we would love to help.

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