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Take the Class Outside with Flowform™ Outdoor from Smith System

by | Apr 14, 2021

Warm weather has arrived, and thus educators around the United States are taking advantage of the opportunity to take their classes outside. The appeal of outdoor classrooms has existed for years, but with the arrival of COVID-19 and an emphasis on social distancing still in effect, the benefits of these spaces are greater than ever. 

Nature offers a plethora of ready-to-go lessons for children. Not to mention, Vitamin D is known to help boost immune system function and regulate mood.  There is no rule that sunshine can only be absorbed during recess, so taking students outside for lessons is becoming a new norm.  However, for them to be able to focus on what they are learning, it’s important to equip the space with comfortable and versatile furniture. Luckily, Smith System is way ahead of the game in this respect. They have designed a line of functional, yet comfortable furniture, specifically for outdoor spaces.

Flowform™ Outdoor Furniture from Smith System

Smith System is known for providing versatile and comfortable classroom pieces. Their original Flowform™ line features soft pieces with rounded edges. As opposed to interlocking pieces in other lines, Smith System designs the Flowform™ furniture to be adaptable, so that students and instructors can move or rotate them around the classroom with ease.

When designing the outdoor version of this line, Smith System wanted to approach it with the same theory. Equally as soft as their indoor counterparts, the pieces in the Flowform™ Outdoor line are incredibly durable as well. They are ideal in any outdoor setting – whether that is a paved parking lot at an urban institution or a rustic outdoor amphitheater. The comfort the line offers allows students to focus on learning and enjoy everything nature has to offer. Additionally, Smith System upholsters the pieces with a Sunbrella Elements fabric, which retains its color in the sun and is weather- and dirt-resistant. You can easily clean the fabric with a simple mixture of soap and water. 

Flowform™ Outdoor Ottoman

Among the most versatile pieces is the Flowform™ Outdoor Ottoman, which is large enough for students to sit comfortably yet small enough to make transporting it around the outdoor classroom a breeze. The ottoman comes in 4 colors of weather-resistant vinyl. Because of its shape and backless structure, students can easily pivot in their seats to collaborate with others or quickly take note of any of nature’s fleeting wonders.

Flowform™ Outdoor Bean Bench

In cases where students desire more room or for sitting in pairs, the Outdoor Bean Benches are the perfect option. These benches come in two sizes (small and large), and the same color options as the ottoman. Designing an outdoor space is simple with coordinating pieces that work well with each other. The “bean” shape of these benches is versatile, but for those classrooms that prefer a straight bench style, Smith System offers those as well. While not curved, the straight benches retain the same rounded edges as the rest of the line and are great for mixing and matching with the other pieces.

Flowform™ Outdoor Straight Bench Divider

In the case that students need division in their space, both the ottomans and benches pair well with Smith System’s Straight Bench Divider. Coming in at 27.5″ tall, the dividers help to distinguish different areas of the classroom and, when necessary, keep kids focused on the task at hand rather than conversing with others.

Above and Beyond Smith System Offerings

Not only are the products in the Flowform™ Outdoor line versatile, durable, and comfortable. They are also backed by Smith System’s limited 12-year warranty. For 12 years from shipment, the manufacturer will replace any defective products or components – this allows schools and educators to purchase without worry. Additionally, Smith System strives to create healthier learning environments (both indoor and outdoor) with all of its product lines. To make this happen, they have incredibly high standards when it comes to manufacturing efficiently and limiting waste where possible. ALL of their products are GREENGUARD™ certified.

A.T. Equipment Sales – Partners in Shaping Outdoor Classroom Success

Whether we help with outdoor classrooms or traditional indoor environments, A.T. Equipment Sales partners with only the top manufacturers in terms of quality, versatility, and service. With exceptional products from companies such as Smith System, we are thrilled to transform educational spaces into ___ learning environments. No classroom or school space is the same, so neither should be the approach to furnishing them. We can help you examine your unique needs and determine the best plan of action. We will help you fit your space with the furniture to foster a collaborative learning environment. To get started, contact us today!

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