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Quick, Easy Ways to Boost Your School’s Bathroom Privacy

by | Jun 21, 2019

It’s no secret that public restroom privacy matters to everyone. There’s nothing more awkward than entering a bathroom stall and feel like you’re being watched. Yet, in many restrooms, it happens more often than you realize. Bathrooms are the epitome of private matters, but wide gaps between stall partitions can seem like a privacy invasion, particularly during times of heavy bathroom traffic. Thankfully, there is a solution to both problems.

Privacy partitions offer comfort and security

Bathroom partitions address comfort and privacy, but sometimes more privacy is needed than many toilet stalls can provide. Often, toilet partitions leave you vulnerable to bathroom fears like agoraphobia or paruresis. The solution seems easy, though. You just need a little more privacy – enough said, but is it possible to boost privacy further in school bathrooms? The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Improved privacy partitions do exist and here’s how they can help.

Gap Attack

Remember that gap that we were talking about earlier? Sometimes the gap left between the partition wall and door is minimal, but other times it leaves the impression of wide open spaces. Attacking the gap left behind by older, traditional bathroom stalls is enough to alleviate the modern privacy concerns of today.

Wide Open Spaces

Many traditional bathroom partitions are designed too short, leaving excessive space at the bottom or the top of partitions with problematic results. To help students feel safer in the bathroom, choose full-length, private bathroom partitions made of high-quality stainless steel or plastic laminate.

Design a Better Bathroom

Designing a better bathroom improves the privacy and safety of your students. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of changing out one type of bathroom stall for another. However, a bathroom upgrade can improve access for students with disabilities or special needs. For this, an interior designer can help ensure students with special needs have access to an ADA compliant bathroom stall. There are three possible toilet partition solutions that maximize privacy and safety for all your school bathrooms: Alpaco Classic, Alpaco Elegance and Alpaco Kids.

Alpaco Classic

One way to combat privacy intrusions from the other side of the stall is with improved toilet partitions like the Alpaco Classic bathroom stalls. These stalls offer a better solution for enhanced privacy with a flush finish and self-closing doors. Say good-bye to toilet partition gaps. An added benefit the Alpaco Classic offers is an occupancy indicator. How many times have you been in a bathroom stall only to have someone peek through the gaps or look under the doors to check for a vacancy? It’s a common practice and can feel like a privacy intrusion. Alpaco Classic eliminates this dilemma with occupancy indicators that clearly signal when a stall is vacant and in use.

Alpaco Elegance

Like its Classic cousin, the Alpaco Elegance gives privacy a boost with a flushed finish to eliminate gaps and spaces. It also comes with the occupancy indicators to alert visitors when a stall is vacant or occupied. The Alpaco Elegance also brings an aesthetically pleasing style, which makes it an excellent choice where design and appeal are important.

Alpaco Kids

For schools serving the needs of younger children, toilet stalls must be more than private. They must also appeal to the playful nature of a child’s imagination and include additional safety features to protect children while giving caretakers access if needed. That’s just what Alpaco Kids bathroom stalls do. Partition doors have a rounded top for visual appeal and fixed handles for caretaker access. Also, partition gaps between the doors and pilasters have a rubber profile to protect little fingers from injury.

Increasing school bathroom privacy and safety is more important today than ever before. Yet, it need not be a difficult or costly major undertaking. Choosing the right toilet partitions to meet your school’s needs can help. Call us today to get started.

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