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How to Create an Exciting School Library that Boosts Learning

by | Jul 15, 2019

Students are checking out fewer books. But are you really surprised?

The school library has changed from a resource for research to an integral space for studying, meeting and working with other students.

Libraries that want to thrive have to create exciting environments for students. From school library furniture to an improved layout, here’s how you can create a library that serves the new generation of students.

Design Your Library for the Modern Student

Student expectations have changed. Just a few years ago campuses were focused on offering competitive luxury, resort-style amenities to college students, but the new generation is more interested in having facilities that promote wellness and productivity.

This is a major opportunity for libraries to step up their game. A well-designed library can become an asset to a school, and even a selling point to prospective students.

Take a deep dive into what current and future spaces are actually using the library space for. Even go as far as to conduct surveys and get market research funded to really understand what the wants and needs of students are.

You’re likely to find that libraries need to be designed as spaces for collaboration and studying verses places where students find books. Library study group furniture and library tables will be essential in your design strategy. You’ll likely find that students need library spaces to accommodate technology demands like 5G Wifi and enough outlets. But from research, you might find additional, currently untapped ways you can transform your library to fulfill not-so-obvious student needs and solve problems.

Use Design to Improve Productivity and Focus

Credible research conducted by universities across the globe in the past decade has concluded that there is a direct link between design and productivity. While a lot of this research was focused on evaluating employee productivity in office spaces, the results carry over to students who are focusing and studying in spaces too.

One company found that implementing “smart interior design” that maximizes the environment and helps convey the right attitudes and culture could lead to a 10 percent increase in feelings of productivity and energy levels.

Designing a modern space that prioritizes boosting cognitive function is a great way to boost foot traffic in student libraries. Today people need to be convinced that they are getting some unique benefit or experience to physically go anywhere. It’s important for libraries to provide an experience that students can’t have at a coffee shop or dorm room if they want people to use it.

When designing your new layout, conduct thorough research on how the organization of your library space can better improve students’ ability to focus. Invest in clean, modern library furniture like library chairs and library bookcases.

Create a Space That’s Comfortable

It’s human nature to want to do something if we enjoy doing it. Once you’ve considered what your library space needs are, and how you can create a layout that fosters productivity, you need to think about how you can make a space an inviting destination.

Your elementary school library might have had a pet reptile or rodent, which probably made you excited to go to the library. This is a great tactical strategy to embed learned attitudes that books equal happiness. While a library pet is probably not the route to take for a university or business, the same philosophy holds true. Create a space that people feel good in and they will want to come to it.

Offer seats and furniture that welcomes students to get comfortable for a while. Provide a spacious and clean environment with minimal distractions. Remember that you’ll be designing for a handful of different personality types, so it’s important to diversify different spaces for different types of people.

It’s essential to have silent zones and focus nooks,  but also collaborative and creative areas where you might even have ambient music playing. Offer indoor and outdoor spaces, experiment with different lighting and include natural elements like plants and green patches.

Provide healthy food, snack and caffeine options with a late-night cafe so students can feel at home and have what they need when they need it.

If you’re ready to transform your library, you’re going to want to start with the best school library furniture.

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