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3 Pieces to Create Collaborative STEM Learning Environments

by | Aug 6, 2019

“In a study of almost 900 high school students at four different schools, researchers found that the more high-quality collaborative learning experiences students had at school, the more that the students said they felt their personal learning needs were met and that they were adequately challenged and supported when they needed help.”

Educators and academicians at the forefront of improving America’s performance in STEM subjects are turning to collaborative and group learning as a way to add a deeper, and higher level of education in STEM subjects. 

Teachers who want to adapt these techniques, need the right environment to do it in. Below are three of the stand-out pieces from our STEM furniture collection that help create collaborative learning environments. 

Collaborative Learning Environments Need the Planner Studio Whiteboard

The Planner Studio Whiteboard perfectly complements our Planner Studio line of tables to create a unique and creative environment for today’s learners. It provides a sophisticated looking two-sided laminated writing surface and includes a small shelf located on both sides to hold markers and erasers.

These whiteboards are especially resourceful when it comes to peer teaching, leading discussion groups, hosting workshops and seminars. All of these collaborative learning techniques increase academic performance and social abilities. In learning environments set-up to inspire collaborative learning like peer teaching and peer tutoring, students are found to have a deeper level of engagement with academics and social life. 

Planner Studio Benches for Classroom Seating 

According to American jazz guitarist Jeff Golub, learning is a social process.  “Collaborative learning has, as its main feature, a structure that allows for student talk: students are supposed to talk with each other….and it is in this talking that much of the learning occurs.” Students must be able to interact, engage and work amongst one another in order to gain the full benefits of collaborative learning. 

The STEM classroom has students standing, sitting on stools, rolling on chairs, and casual lounging to collaborate. Above all, classroom seating must offer a range of movement, positions and functions. When it comes to classroom seating, Planner Studio benches are the perfect addition to any classroom that needs more cooperation and teamwork.

Planner Studio Butcher Block Classroom Furniture

Project-based learning has become more popular in classrooms, primarily because of the higher level of engagement in students to learning. Project-based learning requires desks or tables capable of being arranged into compact pods that fit six to eight students. Having the flexibility and ability to rearrange the desk for uses in multiple ways is key. For example, desktops that taper back to front (think pie shape) allow for a tight circle or individual arrangements.

The Planner Studio Butcher Block has an adaptive urban industrial style that allows for crossover application in media centers, active learning spaces, common areas or any space that encourages collaboration and social learning. 

Getting Ahead with STEM Furniture 

If you’re ready to take your teaching style to the next level, and are ready to purchase new classroom furniture, you won’t find a higher quality at a better price than our STEM-focused furniture line.

Not only are we the go-to for collaborative school furniture, we have a strong belief that every school should be able to create the best environment possible for their students, without having to break the bank to do it. 

We’re obsessive tinkerers who spend a lot of time improving the way we work, so that our customers can get high quality furniture at reasonable prices. A lot of people weigh in on outfitting learning environments. And why wouldn’t they, given the size of the investment and duration of the impact? We’ve found that working together with dealers, designers and school systems results in what’s best for the school, teacher and student. Smart people working together to solve a problem leads to better outcomes. And, it’s what makes coming to work every day fun.

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