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Back-to-School Furniture for Teachers and Students

by | Sep 14, 2019

This year back-to-school spending topped $27.8 billion. While parents and students focused on outfits and supplies, schools across the country updated their classrooms.

Schools are changing, and the furniture is too.

Modifications like adjustable classroom furniture, changes to the teacher’s desk, and school reading lab workstations are some of the key trends we’re seeing in school furniture right now.

Here’s what you need to know about back-to-school furniture for teachers and students.

School Lab Workstations that Create Collaborative Environments

A huge part of learning happens when students collaborate. Classroom environments that motivate teamwork and togetherness will continue to increase this year and for years to come. Experts agree that days of individual student desks are history, and that more interactive school lab workstations and school lab furniture are the new norms. Items like computer lab furniture, clusters of desks and student tables can help students learn from each other and have meaningful discussions.

Teachers Desks Enter The Modern Age

The classic wood teacher’s desk decorated with a fresh red apple has become more of an image of nostalgia versus a reflection of the modern teachers desks. The teacher’s desk is often the focal point of the classroom, which has led to changes in design and functionality. Today’s teachers utilize multimedia platforms to educate. Desks have increased storage capacity, creating more space for audio and visual equipment, cables and chargers. Another change to this classic piece of classroom furniture is its flexibility. Modern teacher’s desks can adjust their height to better suit any given activity and some can even move and relocate.

STEM Focused School Lab Furniture

STEM learning requires different furniture. Finding any possible way to improve a classroom’s ability to facilitate STEM learning will continue to grow. Schools and educators will really start to look at every detail in the learning process to see where improvements can be made. Today’s classroom needs flexible workspaces that can work as a school science lab workstation and also support technical education, art projects and computers for coding.

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