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3 Ways To Pull Off a Modern School Restroom

by | Sep 26, 2019

Style and beauty are the highest-ranked design priorities when it comes to bathrooms. Modern style leads to the most popular design style for bathrooms.

Thoughtful design can be extended to school restroom stalls too, regardless of the budget or space you’re working with. School bathroom dividers are the focal point of these spaces, so it’s essential to integrate them into your overall design style in order to pull off a polished modern look.

It’s possible to achieve a modern look with powder-coated steel partitions, stainless steel bathroom stalls, and plastic laminate partitions.

Here’s how to get a modern look that’s resistant to wear and tear in any school bathroom.

Clean and Simple Design with Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls

Stylish, clean bathroom design is all about simple design. Stainless steel bathroom stalls provide a modern look and retain their beauty indefinitely. By adding a textured finish, increased resistance to vandalism can also be achieved. Stainless steel restroom partitions hit two of the major hallmarks of design: neutral grays and metals mixed with a geometric shape. Details to partitions like stainless steel stirrup brackets, stainless steel door hardware, continuous anodized aluminum, and stainless-steel brackets and continuous piano hinges can also add an element of luxury. Consider adding a vase of fresh (not fake) flowers or a green plant to the counters for a natural pop of color that promotes cleanliness and freshness. 

Using School Bathroom Dividers to Create Warmth

A common complaint to classic modern design is a lack of warmth. If the greys and steel of a clean and simple modern look are too cold for you, consider going with a warm theme. Warm modern is a design style common in spas, it utilizes neutrals in the same way that a clean and simple design does, but it sticks to earthy browns and creamy whites instead of true whites and dark greys which create contrast. Choose stone or stone-looking porcelain tiles on the floor and on one accent wall. The plastic laminate partitions with moisture guard edge banding come with a wood-like covering that inspires this look. These bathroom dividers offer three times greater durability with increased resistance to moisture and humidity than standard plastic laminate. Finish this look with a mixture of modern and contemporary finishes. Add texture with woven baskets, tile patterns, and warmer colored metals.

Powder-Coated Steel Partitions Create an Industrial Look

Modern bathroom design inspired by industrial design is a very popular design style that’s easy to achieve, especially on a budget. Industrial bathrooms pull inspiration from warehouses and utilitarian spaces. Use classic white tiles walls with dark grouting. This look can also work on floors, but if you have the ability to polish exposed cement, it’s an ideal affordable type of flooring to pull off this look. Extend the use of cement, tile and even porcelain to countertops. Don’t settle with cheap laminate, this will ruin the look. Powder-coated steel bathroom stalls provide quality and economy. The finish is resistant to wear, fading, scuffing and is easy to clean. The powder-coated and galvanized steel on these partitions will convey a functional design. Polish this look with metal finishes like brass, chrome, and copper. Use ceiling lighting that floods the counter space.

Using School Bathroom Partitions to Enhance a School Bathroom

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