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Gym Divider Curtains: How To Pick The Right Option

by | Oct 14, 2019

The average cost to construct a new building at a school in America is upwards of $200 per square foot. It also takes at least a year to complete any type of new build on any campus.

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of space you have without having to spend thousands, a gym divider curtain is a great way to turn your gymnasium into a multi-purpose facility. 

But as you might have discovered while shopping for the perfect product, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Here’s everything you need to know about pricing the right gym divider curtain. 

Why Do You Need a Gym Divider Curtain?

Choosing the best gym curtain option for your school will depend largely on how the divider will be used, and the types of activities taking place in your gymnasium. Gym dividers instantly turn a one-purpose facility into a space with multi-purpose capabilities. They are a much more cost-effective solution than building a separate new building or room to be used for another purpose. 

Utilizing a gym divider allows for multiple activities to take place in the same facility at one time, without being interrupted. They also make it safe to have an athletic and even potentially dangerous activity for those not playing to happen simultaneously with other operations. Curtains come in different materials that allow for dividers to be solid or transparent, establishing more privacy or openness, depending on your needs. 

Understanding the Types of Gymnasium Dividers 

All gym dividers are not created equal; there is a healthy variety of technology, size, performance, color and material options on the market. Below are some of the essential types of gym curtains to familiarize yourself with while you’re shopping. 

● Fold-Up and Fold-Up Radius Gymnasium Curtains — These types of gym curtains allow facilities to maximize gym space for multiple games or multi-sport activities. This type of curtain is budget-friendly and is a good option. The curved design for the Fold-Up Radius design allows facilities to divide running track from center court space, and the divider folds up into the stored position with a centerline continuous drive shaft for even curtain balance and load distribution. 

● Roll-Up Gymnasium Curtain — This is our classic roll-up curtain. If you’re looking at a standard solution to fit your needs, look no further. This roll-up curtain rolls effortlessly on the bottom batten with no cables, providing a wrinkle-free surface when being stored. This divider covers all of the essentials: it optimizes your gym space, allows for a multi-use space, and provides high clearance capabilities. 

● Center-Drive Gymnasium Curtain — Our center drive curtain also employs a big drive tube, which enables the divider to lift and lower 25 percent faster than the competition. This specific center drive curtain offers the same amazing components. It’s one of our top roll-up curtains. It allows for maximum clearance while stored and can operate without belts, cables, or exposed wires. Our center-drive curtain takes performance to the next level by removing the large rollers that often need a comprehensive structure attachment. Internal tubular motors and a counterweight erases the requirement for expensive extension arms with straps connected at the upper structure to resist the torque of the motor. 

● Walk-Draw Gymnasium Curtain — This type of gym divider is another excellent option for schools with limited resources, and want to stretch their dollar the furthest it can go. This style does not need an electric system to function, which is what makes it so affordable. But just because it’s low cost, doesn’t mean it lacks in performance. This curtain’s track-style is manually operated. This go-to gym divider will help you maximize the amount of gym space available to you, so you can play many games at once, and multi-sport activities.

● Top-Roll Gymnasium Curtain — This type of gymnasium divider curtain allows facilities to maximize gym space for multiple games and multi-sport activities. It’s great for buildings with height clearance issues or ceiling obstructions. You’ll want to ensure that your top-roll curtain is electrically-operated. Our roll-up curtain is uniquely engineered to operate and fold-up without all fo the belts, cables, exposed wires, or guide systems.

● Peak-Fold Gymnasium Curtain — This style divider is preferred by gymnasiums with uniquely structured or sized ceilings. The peak-fold design of this divider allows it to fold to fit the exact size of the ceiling contour of most buildings. Our precision curtain comes with custom-engineered variable diameter cable drums that match the individual cable travel to the ceiling slope. If you have sloped ceilings and want to make the most of your gym’s space, this is the solution for you. 

Know Your Options When Shopping for a Gym Curtain 

Gym dividers come in an array of different colors and materials, to ensure that when draped, the curtain will add to your space, not be an eyesore. Our curtains come in vinyl and mesh material options, so there’s something available for any use that may have. 

Ensure that you are aware of all of the safety requirements needed for the curtain of your choosing to perform optimally. Ensure that you have the appropriate curtain locks, which help prevent motor failure and a curtain hoist that will instant-reverse thermal overload of the motor. 

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