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Locker Solutions For School

A Case for Custom School Casework

by | Oct 29, 2019

Do you need to maximize the space in your school? 

The colleges, high schools, and elementary schools with active communities and successful students all value how their school makes people feel and much as they value its functionality.

Schools that create inspiring and comfortable environments enhance students’ educational experience. They use customized architectural millwork and furniture like library bookcases to create spaces that are tailored to the unique needs of their students and staff. But that also aesthetically develops a sense of belonging.  Here’s why custom casework products are essential to schools that excel. 

Establishing a School Culture with Custom Casework Products 

Creating a positive and engaging school culture is vital to the education of students. Every type of school, from elementary to collegiate, needs a strong sense of identity and belonging to thrive. 

How a school look is one of the most critical aspects of creating a space students want to be Cheaply made or tasteless “basic” products communicate that a school isn’t interested in investing a lot of time or energy into creating a place students will value. 

Schools need to create an environment that shows thoughtfulness and value. The products you choose to use in your school, directly impacts how your students will feel being there. Custom, high-quality school casework can also help create an environment where students feel a sense of belonging. Design that encourages students to stay on the property and socialize promotes a more authentic educational process. 

Maximize Space with Custom Casework Like Library Book Cases

It’s vital for a classroom to maximize the amount of space it has. Especially in an environment where the number of students seems to be growing, and the sizes of the rooms are getting smaller.

One of the most significant advantages to custom millwork for schools is the perfect fit. Custom casework makes the most of the space you have, by laying out cabinetry in the most efficient way. There’s no more “off” corners jutting out in the wrong places, or awkward spaces between the tops of your cabinetry and the ceiling. 

Millwork for Schools with Purpose

Purchasing furniture for schools comes down to functionality. What does specifically casework need to be used for? What’s necessary? What’s not? 

Having control over the design of your casework allows you to only purchase what you need. There aren’t extra draws that are empty or simply collecting junk. 

What’s even better is that if your needs change over time, you can update the casework you have. 

Architectural Millwork That Inspires Learning

It’s proven that the design of a space and the environment a person is in can influence their creativity and ultimately how they learn. This subject has been well studied since the 1970s. How comfortable students are in an environment and how space is organized directly impacts a student’s ability to learn.

In his paper “Built pedagogies and technological practices: Designing for participatory learning” Torin Monahan, Ph.D. “refers to classroom design as “built pedagogy”, or the design of the classroom space is a physical manifestation of educational theories, philosophies, and values.”

 Choosing custom casework that reflects your school’s value will encourage creative thinking in students. 

The longevity of School Casework

Although custom products come at a higher upfront cost, there’s no comparison when it comes to quality. The long term value softwood and hardwood casework brings to a school is far greater than a cheap, temporary fix. 

Most wood casework can last for decades. Whereas cheap solutions will require multiple purchases over the same amount of time. Custom casework can also be “fixed” when scratches and stains inevitable happen. A discounted material like plastic typically has to be tossed out when they are damaged. 

Custom School and Commercial Casework for Any Budget

It’s true that custom commercial millwork is costlier, but there really are options for every budget size. Semi-custom casework is more affordable than a completely customized bookcase or shelves. With semi-custom and completely custom options, you are able to have total authority on the materials, size, style and finish. You can get inspiration from our design portfolio, or create an entirely original creation. 

Any quality commercial casework company will work with you to establish the best possible options for your unique needs, funding and space. Materials, sizes and other customizations can be made to ensure that any school can afford beautiful casework that’s functional and inspires the educational process. 

We provide the best quality and value of architectural millwork products and interior furnishings solutions. Our team is highly experienced in project management and the interworking and applications of all of our products. This ensures that we deliver the ultimate customer service experience and optimal results. 

We’re not happy unless you are happy. Our fair prices, product range, scheduling flexibility, timely delivery, product durability, and thorough installation process is the reason we are the go-to interior solutions company for schools.


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