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Computer Lab Furniture

4 Things to Look for in School Computer Lab Furniture

by | Oct 20, 2015

Choosing the right school computer lab furniture can create a learning environment that is focused, functional and inclusive. When comparing school lab furniture and the companies that sell it, look for solutions that can offer the following four features.

1. Smart wire management: In a busy, high-traffic environment like a school, smart wire management is more than an aesthetic consideration – it’s a safety feature. Look for companies that can offer a truly unique wire management system, like Interior Concepts’ chase wire management which hides wires and cables behind sliding doors, while still keeping them easily accessible for your IT staff. In fact, Interior Concepts’ solution is popular with school IT staff for the convenient access it offers to wires and cables.
2. Space-tailored design: Especially in older schools, computer labs are often housed in repurposed rooms which might pose architectural obstacles like columns and heating vents. The right school computer lab furniture solution will tailor the furniture to the space, modifying the design to use every inch of space wisely.
3. Accessible stations: School lab tables should offer thoughtful and inclusive design features that seamlessly integrate accessible stations. Be sure to view samples of how accessible computer stations have been incorporated into the overall design of the school lab.
4. Nuanced learning environment: Constructing an effective learning environment requires more than installing a few school lab tables. Choose a computer lab outfitter with design experience in capturing the nuances of floor planning for learning environments, such as table spacing, orientation and overall look and feel. School lab designers with a variety of work surface designs and colors to choose from can help you build an inspiring educational space that reflects the personality of your school.

Interior Concepts offers all of the above in their school lab furniture designs, plus their tables are made in the USA, MAS® Certified Green and backed by a lifetime warranty. Contact AT Equipment today to hear more about their innovative school computer lab solutions.

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