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STEM Lab & Classroom Makerspace Carts

by | Nov 10, 2020

STEM curriculum is not a novel concept in the United States education system.  However, with a workforce landscape that is evolving each year, and an increased need for people with complex problem-solving skills, the importance of STEM disciplines continues to grow.  In fact, the U.S Department of Education released a five-year plan in late 2018 that focuses on providing all schools with the resources and tools necessary to offer STEM programming at a high level.  It has become very clear that the skills and knowledge gained from this type of educational curriculum remain top priority and importance moving forward.

Ability of Schools to Deliver STEM Courses 

Due to its ever-changing nature, school districts must continuously reevaluate their STEM curriculum.  Doing so allows them to revise outdated information and introduce new concepts and tools.  This is especially true in the case of technology as new software and platforms appear daily.  This challenges educators to stay in the loop and bring the latest information and tools to the classroom.

In addition to an updated and responsive STEM curriculum, schools must also furnish classrooms, labs, and other spaces to facilitate the distribution of that curriculum.  The workspaces within a school that are focused on creating, learning, collaborating, and exploring are commonly referred to as “makerspaces.”  Often associated with technology, makerspaces don’t necessarily equate to expansive computer networks or 3D printers.  However, there is generally the use of some or multiple forms of tech in these areas.

Manufacturers in 2020 have to consider the increased use of these spaces in schools when creating their products.  Recently, we’ve seen some innovative designs emerge that promote learning and boost any STEM classroom or lab to the next level.

STEM-Focused Furniture from Interior Concepts

Interior Concepts has been a leader in innovation and design for nearly 30 years.  Throughout this time, they have developed numerous STEM-focused lines of furniture to better suit 21st century classrooms and labs.  Realizing that modern curriculum requires collaboration, Interior Concepts designs pieces that are professional, flexible, and meet the unique needs of a variety of course offerings.  

STEM Carts for Classrooms and Labs

Among its expansive product collection, Interior Concepts has created a number of stem lab and classroom carts.  We’ve featured a couple of our favorite cart types below:

  • Tech Cart:  These carts are rectangle in shape, and come with the option of either a laminate or butcher block top.  The butcher block option is ideal for use in heavy traffic tech labs or STEM classrooms.  As it can be sanded down and refinished over time, it offers long-term usability.
  • MediaCurv Cart:  The media curve carts are ideal for STEM classrooms or spaces that depend on collaboration.  The customization options on these carts are expansive.  25 edge options are available, as are multiple color laminate options for the work surface.  Schools can even choose to add a whiteboard surface, allowing students and teachers to work together using erasable markers.

Each of these cart designs feature lockable casters that make moving them – especially when carrying large or heavy equipment – a breeze for educators.  Storage areas on the carts are customizable and lockable as well, which is perfect for storing expensive lab materials or technology when not in use.   

Several heights and depth are available on all of their carts.  Furthermore, as they realize that classrooms come in unique shapes and sizes, Interior Concepts also offers custom sizing to meet these needs. 

A.T. Equipment Sales’ Commitment to Excellence

We continue to choose partnerships with manufacturers who we think best exemplify innovation and quality and who strive to meet the evolving demands of the modern educational institution.  

Interior Concepts leads the way for classrooms and labs, designing products that excel beyond the current needs of educators and prepare them for the future of STEM.  Their products are all Made in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty.  Additionally, all of the offerings are MAS Certified Green®.

If you are looking to furnish a makerspace or other STEM-focused area with the products that best foster collaboration and innovation, we’d be happy to discuss cart options from Interior Concepts or other furniture options to exceed expectations.  Contact us today!

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