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Unique Classroom Seating Options from Fomcore

by | Oct 26, 2020

Comfortable is not a word often associated with 2020.  Changes in routines, strict guidelines, and uncertainty have disrupted comfort levels across the globe.  Educational institutions have not been immune either.  However, schools are doing their best to reconcile this by bringing in furniture for their students and staff that is both highly functional and extremely comfortable.

When choosing which furniture to use to fit a classroom, library, or other school space, several factors come into play.  Schools are concerned with product costs, but also want to ensure comfort, cleanliness, and a lesser impact on the environment.  Because of this, we have recently seen some unique seating options emerge from top manufacturers.  Fomcore is leading the way with its student-centered approach to furnishing classrooms.  The use of their Silvertex vinyl on the following products provides both a sleek look and an easily cleanable surface, essential for this year and beyond.  Beyond that, Fomcore’s commitment to environmental

Ottomans Allow for Relaxation in the Classroom

Schools want their students to focus on the curriculum, but studies show that comfort and flexibility levels in the classroom highly correlate to student engagement and ultimately eagerness to learn.  In recent years, the norm for classroom furnishing shifted from the traditional desk and chair combinations to flexible arrangements of furniture that is more comfortable and promotes collaboration.

The Round Ottomans from Fomcore provide a modern and unique seating option for students that function anywhere schools want their students to be able to relax.  They are easily moveable, and their all-foam construction makes them incredibly comfortable.  Furthermore, schools have the option to add special features such as USB ports or a laminate top for added stability.  

Stackable Seating Means Easy Storage

The modern teacher knows the importance of group collaboration.  Students often gather on the classroom floor to listen to stories and share ideas in a collaborative environment.  Fomcore’s line of brightly colored Lily Pad cushions allows each student to have a comfortable seat on the floor.  Also, they help teachers to space students according to any guidelines in place.  When not in use, the Lilly Pads easily stack on top of one another ready to use the next time (Fomcore’s Lily Cart makes this a breeze).

Combo Sets Offer Simple Stylish Solutions

With its multiple lines of soft, flexible seating, the combinations of pieces from Fomcore is nearly endless.  For those educators and administrators who have difficulty choosing which products to pair together, Fomcore offers a solution. 

Meticulously curated Combo Sets are now available, pairing between 3-5 pieces of furniture together for a polished, yet comfortable arrangement.  These sets range from chair duos with a shared ottoman to sofa/bench combinations.  Like all items in the Fom collection, the combo set pieces all have reinforced seams and stitching.  They also come with a lifetime warranty, so educators can have confidence that they are purchasing products that will provide comfort for years to come.

Quick Shipment for Immediate Comfort

Fomcore not only wants schools to be fitted with comfortable and flexible seating options, but they also want to make this happen quickly.  All of these featured items are eligible for Fomcore’s 2020 Quick-Ship Program.  This means schools can expect to receive products between 24 hours and 2 weeks after they place an order.  Also, this program is exceptionally valuable as customers pay NO shipping fees.

A.T. Equipment Sales’ Commitment to Innovative Partnerships

With the quality of products, range of colors, and degree of customization, it is no wonder A.T. Equipment Sales is proud to continuously partner with manufacturers like Fomcore.  Their innovative and Made in the US products are top-quality and offer unique solutions for schools across the country.  They truly are the soft seating experts.  Contact us today to learn how your school can buy Fomcore furniture on contract with A.T. Equipment Sales.

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