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Supportive Seating Enhances Student’s Learning Experience

by | Mar 25, 2019

From Kindergarten through high school, students will spend more than 13,000 hours in a classroom. The majority of that time is sitting, especially as students age. The classroom chairs that many experienced in school were rigid, uncomfortable, and uninspired. Today’s students can experience a different level of comfort. In turn, supportive seating has been shown to boost student engagement and promote more attentiveness.

Classroom chairs carry more of a responsibility than many administrators and teachers realize. The aged formatting of rows of chairs with each student staring at a classmate’s head is ineffective. Supportive seating that is easy to move and allows for group learning boosts a student’s experience. A study published by The Teaching Center reports that “students learning in a collaborative situation had greater knowledge acquisition, retention of material, and higher-order problem solving and reasoning abilities than students working alone.”

Groove Offers Supportive Seating

Flexible, supportive seating, like that found in the Groove design from Smith System, allows students to sit comfortably while also joining in group learning and classroom conversations. There are three specific characteristics of the Groove classroom chair that make it a good options for student seating:

  • Contour: The Groove is specifically designed with a “flex” vapor-cushion seat surface. The contour and slightly higher upper back portion of the chair allow the student’s weight to distribute evenly, supporting good posture and flexible movement.
  • Ergonomic Seatpan: With the Groove design, teachers aren’t forced to remind students to “sit still.” The shell-style seating contours to the student’s body, allowing them to sit comfortably from the front or side of the chair. As the student needs to adjust or release the wiggles, this classroom chair allows silent movement and supports circulation to students’ legs and feet.
  • Stackable: The Groove chair is easy to put away with a sleek, stackable design. Stack up the four chairs high and neatly store away along the wall or in the corner of the classroom. This makes group activities, cleaning, and arranging classroom furniture a breeze.

The Groove design is an easy way to incorporate group work into the classroom, creating more opportunities for critical thinking and achievement.

Theorem For Advanced Learning

As students enter high school it can be harder to keep their attention. Distractions from mobile devices and social interaction can be a constant battle. Smith System has designed a classroom chair specifically intended for high school students. The Theorem offers two major seating positions — vertical and slight recline.

The chair’s seat is contoured 5.5 degrees, which is deeper than your typical stacking chair. The student can shift their weight back into the seat for added support and comfort. The contour of the chair ensures the student’s lumbar region always stays in contact with the chair, supporting strong posture and comfort.

The Theorem can be customized to add casters, giving students mobile flexibility. This style of classroom chair is ideal for science or computer labs as well as group learning.

Butcher Block Table Adds Strength To Activities

While students need supportive seating to be comfortable and attentive in the classroom, a sturdy foundation is necessary to complete activities and assignments. Smith System designed the Interchange 30×60 Butcher Block Table with science, art, and other creative environments in mind.

The sturdy, 1 3/4” thick birchwood top offers a contemporary design while supporting students with solid functionality. The table is ideal for younger or older students as the height can be adjusted from 22” to 34”. The Butcher Block Table is just as effective on uneven floors thanks to the adjustable levelling glides.

Today’s students and teachers face unique challenges, but finding comfortable, supportive seating doesn’t have to be one of them. Create an engaging and inspiring environment for each grade level with the Groove, Theorem, and Butcher Block Table.

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