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Technology Meets Mobile Furniture To Create Modern Classrooms

by | Apr 24, 2019

The use of technology in classrooms is growing at an exponential rate. As teachers and administrators shift their thinking to more interactive, engaged approaches to education, the use of cell phones, tablets, and computers must be factored into the equation. The beauty of modern education is that teachers can use advanced classroom furniture like charging tables and mobile furniture to build a learning environment that encourages socialization, independent work, and group collaboration.

Technology In Classrooms

A report from Cambridge International reveals how strongly students and teachers rely on electronic devices in today’s classrooms. Three out of four U.S. classrooms utilize desktop computers for daily learning. In addition to the computers, some 74 percent of classrooms allow students to use smartphones for learning. Other devices like Chromebooks and tablets are also commonly used in classrooms. With a strong dependency on electronics, it only makes sense for each classroom to be equipped with multiple charging tables.

Even when students begin the day with a fully-charged device, use in each classroom will quickly dwindle the battery. Charging tables, like those from Interior Concepts, are designed to allow students and teachers to continue learning without the worry of battery life or hunting for an available wall outlet. The EnerGEE! is a sleek, modern classroom table that offers eight hours of charging power to 10 smartphones or five tablets. The charging table has an easy-to-read fuel gauge to warn teachers of a low battery and can be easily recharged each evening by plugging into a traditional wall outlet or using the proximity conductive charging station from Interior Concepts.

Mobile Furniture Builds Soft Skills

The Cambridge International survey concludes teachers and students rely on technology to add value to and enhance education, but technology alone will not prepare students for higher education or the workforce. Encouraging students to work together by forming a collaborative environment with mobile furniture helps develop soft skills, the number one attribute desired by 65 percent of today’s employers.  

Motion Tables from Interior Concepts allow teachers to recreate the classroom on a daily basis to teach students in a new way. The Motion Tables are mobile furniture that can be arranged for group or independent learning. With easy-rolling casters on the base of each table, there’s no need to strain to move the classroom furniture. Create a classroom environment that encourages listening, engagement, and gives each student an advantageous point of view.

As students transition from the classroom to common areas or the media center, the furniture must also transition to keep the children engaged. Interior Concepts designs classroom furniture and workstations specifically meant for STEAM environments. The tables and desks have space for a computer, storage area, and are designed with high-quality casters to make moving classroom furniture easy. Mobile and reconfigurable furniture that adapts to lessons and activities will help keep students engaged while also allowing the teacher to ensure each pupil has the ability to see and hear classroom instructions.

Importance Of Classroom Furniture

How today’s classrooms are constructed plays a vital role in how tomorrow’s students adapt in the workforce. Nine out of 10 students say they plan to attend some form of higher education after high school. Teachers and administrators are tasked with preparing those students on how to handle the demand of universities and tech schools. With 23 percent of students planning to enter the medical field and another 18 percent pursuing a career in engineering, STEAM environments are more important than ever. Utilize the charging tables and mobile furniture from Interior Concepts to build classrooms that empower students.

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