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Locker Solutions For School

The Effects of COVID-19 on Educational Institutions

by | Apr 23, 2020

Since February 2020, we have seen the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States.
Our favorite retailers, restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and even schools have closed down in
the name of “social distancing” in order to keep us safe from the rapid spread of COVID-19. Of
all the organizations affected, the institutions that have had to change the fastest are school
systems! From distance teaching to e-learning, and even virtual commencement, these are the
effects of COVID-19 on educational institutions.

Distance Teaching


Distance teaching has become one of the ways educational institutions are changing. Now, students can attend class via Zoom meetings (or other online software platforms). To the surprise of many, technology has stepped up and been able to fill the sudden void that this virus created. When this crisis is over, technologies like distance learning will continue to play a vital role in educating future generations.


While e-learning has many challenges (e.g., bad service, inability for all students to join every time, subscription limits, etc.), the most significant benefit is that students will not miss out on schooling. Moreover, as a result, not be held back a grade when in-class schooling does resume. Another benefit of e-learning is that it is aiding students in learning how to quickly and effectively adapt to change.

Virtual Socialization


Another way in which schools are evolving is by encouraging virtual socialization . In addition to holding regular classes on video conferencing platforms, many schools are hosting virtual socialization hours for students to interact with one another. Usually, there is a theme or a game played as a group- but some schools are just hosting “open hours” where students can log on and talk to one another as if in a common area on school grounds.

Virtual Commencement

One of the biggest concerns of many students, especially seniors, is what will happen for graduation ? Well, educational systems have thought of that, too! Colleges, like Columbia College in Missouri, are holding virtual commencement in May. Although students will not get to physically “walk the stage,” they will be honored, along with their classmates, to share in this momentous event.

Partner in Shaping Success 

As a country, we have proven to be resilient. Manufacturers are re-tooling and helping with the supply and demand of much-needed medical supplies. With the help of courageous delivery workers, sanitation crews, medical staff, and other essential workers, we are making it day by day. The impacts of COVID-19 will not last forever, and when this crisis is over, A.T. Equipment Sales will be here as your partner in shaping success.

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