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SAFFE Furniture for Collaborative Spaces in Schools

by | Mar 9, 2020

It has been proven that the best learning happens when children are actively involved in the learning process. The collaborative learning approach encourages students to work together in groups when solving problems. However, for this methodology to be successful, traditional classroom design needs to evolve because they are not organized in a way that encourages collaboration.

Benefits of Collaborative Learning Spaces Include:

  • Building stronger social skills
  • Achieving higher senses of self confidence
  • Development of higher-level thinking and communication skills
  • Flexible spaces that create multi-purpose classrooms

Here is an in-depth look at three ways to easily upgrade a conventional classroom into a state-of-the-art, collaborative learning space, and the products from SAFFE that are available to make it happen.

Unique Classroom Tables

Long-gone are the days of a classroom filled with 25+ basic wood and metal, one-person desks. Now, schools are creating versatile learning spaces with unique classroom tables. There are dozens of table layouts to choose from; and depending on the subject being taught, there are many types of add-ons available. From geometric tabletops made for group work; to multimedia tables for brainstorming and presenting; there are even lab station tables with equipment outlets. No matter what, there is a desktop design to fit your needs.

Charlevoix Tables

Charlevoix Tables are a fun and unique table solution for classrooms and collaborative spaces. Choose from 20 metal base finish options and a variety of worktop and edge options to create the unique look you want. Charlevoix Tables are available in 24” and 30” deep and 48”, 54”, 60” wide, and either 29” or 42” high.

Soft Seating in Classrooms

If you are uncomfortable, it is harder to concentrate; and if you cannot concentrate, it is harder to learn– much less retain what you have been taught. Long gone are the days of stiff, immovable, hard, plastic chairs connected to desks. More and more, educational facilities are introducing soft seating in classrooms. Soft seating is more than just a single bean bag on the floor. Nowadays, soft seating solutions include a blend of comfort and functionality to fit every academic setting.

Key Components of Soft Seating Include:

  • Removable components (e.g. footrests or other attachments)
  • Adjustment capabilities (e.g. seat height and seat position)
  • Enjoyable, ergonomic, cushioned attachments (e.g. headrests)
  • Durable, yet comfortable, fabrics and finishes
  • Easily transportable (i.e. easy for students and teachers to move or reposition)

Petoskey Stones

Petoskey Stones are a unique solution to soft seating. The organic shapes of the stones support a variety of seating postures focusing on the way children lounge and play. Petoskey Stones shapes are designed to complement one another and nest together. The plinth base raises the fabric from the floor protecting upholstery from being damaged during regular use and routine cleaning.

Heavy-Duty Classroom Carts

No matter where you teach or what subject you specialize in, you probably have a lot of supplies. A heavy-duty classroom cart is an ideal way to transport supplies from room-to-room, as well as to and from your vehicle. When choosing a classroom cart, it is best that the model includes organizational properties (e.g. interior compartments), an ergonomic design (e.g. easy-rolling wheels), and is lightweight enough to push around but tough enough to hold heavier items like textbooks or microscopes.

The Manistee Cart

The Manistee Cart is a mobile, heavy-duty cart, perfect for any environment where creativity is paired with construction. The Manistee Cart is available with a Butcherblock Maple or Stainless Steel top. Available cart sizes are: 30” & 36” deep by 48”, 60”, 72”, or 84” wide and 29”, 36”, & 40” high.

Create Flexible, Collaborative Spaces in Classrooms With 21st Century Designs

A fundamental shift in classroom orientation is happening. With help from companies like SAFFE Furniture, collaborative learning spaces are now becoming more common in educational settings– benefiting both teachers and students alike.

SAFFE Furniture is a manufacturer that focuses on PK-12 environments. They offer unique solutions available in a variety of color options to help you create collaborative and dynamic spaces.  SAFFE products are made in the USA from domestically sourced materials, and A.T. Equipment Sales is proud to offer a variety of these products to foster collaboration in the classrooms of today.

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