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How to Create an Exciting Lesson That Boosts Learning With Claridge Products

by | Feb 18, 2020

At some point in our life, we have all encountered a classroom, library, or primary learning environment. Those fascinating places often encouraged free thought and fostered learning through reading and exploration. With innovative Claridge Products – like freestanding display cases, projection screens for classrooms, and marker & tack combination boards– you can transform basic educational spaces into a haven of visual learning opportunities that invigorate young minds to think outside the box.

Benefits of Visual Learning Include:

  • Helping students better engage with the materials
  • Increase student retention up to 42%
  • Enhanced student ability to recall facts and retain learning

Freestanding Display Case

Think back to when you were a young student: How many times did you read about something complex, like the structure of an atom, and not immediately understand what you read? Now, remember when you saw the physical display of an atom? That once difficult concept suddenly became much more tangible because you were able to actually see, touch, and explore a replica. That is just one of the many benefits of having freestanding display cases in your library.

Think Beyond the “Trophy Case”

Think of your Claridge Freestanding Display Case as an optimal place to showcase everything from student dioramas to educational replicas; exhibit the latest findings of the science club; brag about the teacher of the month; and of course, they can still be used for a traditional trophy or two.

These, easy-to-install, locking cases can greatly enhance your learning space and boost learning. And they can even be coordinated to match the look and feel of your facility or a themed scholastic week. By installing one of the many options that Claridge offers, like the Freestanding Display Case, you are offering students a chance to learn about, observe, and appreciate the school’s most prized possessions in a safe environment.

Projection Screens for Classrooms 

Projection screens are some of the most helpful tools for an educational environment because they can be easily transported from space to space and offer a pop-up learning surroundings. They have lasted the test of time. But most importantly, projection screens allow teachers, librarians, and aides, to interact with students better. Instead of a bland lesson plan, instructors are able to use a multimodal form of teaching which is more appealing to a wider range of students.

The key to delivering memorable educational messages is to do so in an unforgettable way. The more appealing the lesson, the more likely the students are to pay attention and the more likely they are to retain that information.

A Variety of Projection Screens for a Range of Learning

Depending on your library’s or school’s needs, Claridge has a variety of projection screens that differ in size, style, and application- to fit your needs- including:

Using projection screens in classrooms and libraries is one of the most effective ways to ensure your teachings are large and easy to view. Plus, by using a projection screen, you are guaranteeing that the shared content is widely audience-accessible.

Marker & Tack Combination Boards 

Another way to boost learning in your classroom or library is to install marker and tack combination boards. Unlike rudimentary chalk (or even dry erase marker) boards, combination boards allow for more imagination- if not just for the simple ability to be able to do more with them!

Half tack (or cork), half dry erase marker combination boards are ideal for hands-on learning. That is because they offer a place for instruction as well as space for exploration.

Quality Materials for Quality Products

All products from Claridge use superior materials and incorporate clean, modular designs into their marker and tack combination boards. You will get twice the finished space for half of the installation time and less overall cost. Whether you choose the LCS Deluxe Combo with marker board and tack board in a natural oak wood trim finish, or go with custom graphics, your audience is guaranteed to pay more attention to your displays and presentation.

Writing Surfaces That Make It Easier 

The key to delivering an educational message is not just to do it in a memorable way, but to do it in a way that the person will be able to easily recall the information (when the time comes).

For 73+ years, Claridge Products has harnessed the power of visual communication to engineer and craft the world’s finest writing surfaces. Whether it’s the conference room of a Fortune 500 company; a brightly-colored, primary school library; or the old lecture halls of a prestigious university; when you use their products it’s easier for you to teach and easier for others to learn.

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