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What’s New from Smith System

by | Jan 8, 2020

When two powerhouse companies partner together, a great experience is created for the customer. A.T. Equipment Sales offers high-quality school equipment and furniture to schools, colleges and universities throughout New York State. We understand how important each educational environment is for students and teachers, so we partner with only the best school furniture manufacturers in the country. Smith System is not just on the cutting edge with innovative designs for multi-purpose furniture, they’re leading the way. From flexible seating to tables that incorporate technology in the best possible way, Smith System is building furniture for classrooms of the future.

Smith System School Furniture

A.T. Equipment Sales is a Smith System distributer because we share the same values for today’s education system. No two students learn the exact same way, so classroom furniture needs to be just as unique. To best support an engaging environment, classrooms and other learning spaces need to be equipped with mobile seating.  This creates a collaborative learning classroom and desks that are as functional as they are durable.

Smith System was created in 1905 when the product line consisted of heaters for one-room schools. After manufacturing everything from water fountains to lavatory systems, the company found its niche in school furniture for K-12. They design equipment and furniture lines to inspire learning and encourage each student to participate and discover in her own way.

New School Furniture Designs from Smith System

Education is ever-evolving, and classrooms must do the same. So, by concentrating on how students learn, Smith System is able to create school furniture that meets the needs of today’s students and serves learners of the future. Some of the newest school furniture designs include:

  • Planner Studio – Whiteboard: Create a unique and engaging learning environment for today’s students with the Planner Studio Whiteboard. This two-sided laminated writing surface has a small shelf on both sides to hold erasers and markers. The whiteboard is a sophisticated way to incorporate mobile furniture into any classroom. Additionally, you can choose from 5 frame colors and use the casters to move the whiteboard where needed.  
  • Planner Makerspace Giant Table: Provide working space for up to 10 students with the Planner Makerspace Giant Table. The 48” deep model is as stable as it is spacious. Students will have plenty of room to collaborate on projects. It’s a great classroom or lab table to pair with Cascade Storage units. The table legs can be sized to meet the needs of your learners.
  • Sit Stand Student Desk: The UXL Sit Stand Student Desk creates a collaborative learning environment for groups of students. Use the desks as single seating spaces or combine 4 to 6 units for a group project. The column is adjustable and can shift between 26” and 42” with the press of a lever. This is a student desk made for students of 2020 and beyond.
  • Cascade Two-Sided Whiteboard Unit: Combine storage, organization, and learning with the Cascade Two-Sided Whiteboard Unit. Streamline the teaching process by keeping commonly used materials close by in the Cascade Storage System. Quickly return to teaching with the two-sided whiteboard. This updated version of the traditional whiteboard saves space and time in any classroom. Also, you can customize the storage and whiteboard unit to your needs with 2 tote configurations, either thirty (30) 3″ Extra-Wide totes OR fourteen (14) 6″ Extra-Wide totes. 

Classrooms of the future will be equipped with Smith System school furniture. A.T. Equipment Sales is proud to be a distributor of such innovative and quality products. Learn how you can buy your school equipment and furniture on contract with A.T. Equipment Sales.


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